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29.07.2020 Social News

Ghanaian Woman Flogged For Fornicating With A Sudanese Man

Ghanaian Woman Flogged For Fornicating With A Sudanese Man
LISTEN JUL 29, 2020

A video of a Ghanaian woman being flogged by a Ghanaian family for allegedly fornicating with a Sudanese man in an Islamic country, has gone viral on social media.

The Twi-speaking woman kept crying out of pain throughout the ordeal and kept pleading with the man she referred to as ‘Alhaji’ to stop because the pain was unbearable.

While the Alhaji insisted she turned her back to enable him whip her buttocks with the cane, the woman kept asking the Alhaji to take his time as the lashes hurt.

He, however, kept reiterating to her to turn around to enable him whip her.

Another man is also seen in the video telling ‘Alhaji’ to concentrate the whipping at one spot so she could feel the pain.

Also, the men were discussing whether it was up to ten lashes yet while one suggested he gave her 10 lashes on the buttocks and the remaining on her hands.

According to Islamic Sharia, a woman has to be lashed when caught having sex outside wedlock.

The men captured talking in the video were thus punishing the woman for act.


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