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Freedom never comes - Part 43

Freedom never comes  - Part  43
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"That is really funny," said Heinz Wohlfarth and ordered another round of ice-cream for both.

"What is funny?"

"Now, I mean, we are created, each of us got its mandate, has all the tools to reach his destiny, has a free will which enables few of us to reach our goal in life...and then... ."

George Fähnrich ended his friend´s thought by saying: "...we never reach were we are destined to reach and be!"

"Yes...I mean that is crazy!"

"It is crazy accordingly to your human standards...but it is not crazy to the one that once has created all that what you can see, the heaven and the hell, the flowers and the plants, animals and look at us...the crown of it all, human beings. When you see life with human eyes and start judging, let me tell you, you will get depressed and want to take your own life. The more you understand about life´s issues, the more you get closer to madness...but not to get mad but push your wisdom and energy into the right, a constructive way, you must believe in the one that once had made it all what we can see here on earth and the universe."

"I guess...believing and trusting is in the end, after all the thinking and looking and hearing, all that is left for us to do," accepted Heinz Wohlfarth the hand George Fähnrich had stretched out to him avoiding to touch the ice-cream in their way.

"I have full trust in you...and will observe more than talk and by this understand what you were made for and are ready to pay the price," smiled George Fähnrich finishing his ice-cream. "That this is really delicious, I have to say."

They pay the bill, got up and stepped out into the streets. Leaving the Bus Stop behind after having memories its location for late afternoon when having to head back to Kibbutz Ginegar they walked past shops and apartment blocks. Only few houses did not have marks of the rocket attacks, some showed where bullets were hitting the outside walls. They were only able to imagine the pain and suffering people must have gone through during the past few days and attacks from years back. To watch TV reports in the comfort of your home was nothing to compare to a situation in which your very own life is on the line and you cannot simply run off to safe it. Even running means keep your head low to ensure last minute no bullet would ae away life from you. And now, walking through the streets in which death and hate was causing lives of many, in which blood on the pavements and splashed on the walls of houses were still to be seen as a brutal reminder of the suffering people had to go through. It crossed their minds when putting their fingers into the holes of the houses that not only the people in Kirjat Shmona were targets and left loved once dead behind but on the other side of the border in the houses of the attackers, children and wives died in their numbers by soldiers that wanted to save lives of their own.

"My observation is, please correct me if I am wrong, that people the more they get hurt and punished by life, they themselves hurt and punish others more than people that have never had such drastic and dramatic experiences," mentioned Heinz Wohlfarth while feeling the hole of a bomb shell around his fingers. "So, here the big, big question of freedom of mind, of freedom as such and freedom for the individual, very personal, can teach us and we can learn from, comes in."

"Let me start with a little example that you might not understand now but over time," said George Fähnrich and sat down on a bench the City Management had provided for locals and tourists alike. A bronze sign indicated the bench once was erected in honour of a woman. "When in the 1960s students took to the streets, closed down Universities by their strikes and actions to get rid of the oppressive way of lecturing them by old, old Professors in their dark uniforms with a mindset directed backwards and not progressive enough, these students in the teaching field went for anti-authority education, free education for pupils in the class-room, no restrictions, anything possible. Once these students stood before their pupils in public schools soon they realized life is not that easy and pupils need the inner, the natural, the personal authority of a teacher to accept his advice and follow his path to become great people in then what these teachers did was just the opposite of what they had wanted and worse than older colleagues trained that respect for a teacher is equally needed besides the know-how to lecture for any successful pupil...these young teachers got really, I mean, really touch of their pupils and turned education upside down. They had not learnt to develop inner authority over what they were engaging in, in the teaching and therefore learning process of young once. As the only way out they saw harsh punishment for students not willing to listen in class instead of using the near authority each of us can develop and handle any opposition from others to help them finally reach the top of education."

"Interesting point," said Heinz Wohlfarth and looked around. "I need to take more time to think well about the underlining message. Certainly, over time I will understand what you wanted to share with me."

"On a wider and bigger not regarding pain, suffering and freedom of mind and action," continued George Fähnrich his lecture, “let’s look into societies, a conglomerate of people after all, and see history as a book to learn from. The settlers in North-America were once oppressed by their own societies they had left and the first they did is to kill the Native Americans, kill their buffalos to nearly extinction, took slaves from Africa to build their economy and to become the Power House of the world with little or no partaking of the former slaves ancestors in the whole process, a country based on the belief of personal freedom, even not only guaranteed but mandated even as it reads in the Declaration of Independence document allowing for this very reason guns for many leading to mass shootings and blood on the streets of the country unseen in our own society, leaving Millions of people without reasonable health and social care, allowing torcher in Guantanamo and other places, secret killings of politicians and what have you not...all these under the framework and bubble of Freedom for all citizen...and based on what the Founding fathers had to endure in their very own lives. I still do not get it on one side of the coin but understand it meanwhile on the other."

"You are absolutely right," agreed Heinz Wohlfarth, “and I see a problem here also, yet do not really know how to see it. I mean Jews were killed during Holocaust and yet, they took the land from surrounding countries in a way that many can call one step too far. Yes, they are under attack, yes, it is difficult or impossible to discuss with terrorists or extremists...but to accept their own background as a basis how better to discuss the situation with their neighbors...I really do not know but also have no final answer. I am still observing and asking myself what the human race is capable of doing and what the human race is able to learn from. More often I have my doubts that people, especially on a society level, can learn much from history. In some cases, it works ad we can see, but in so many other cases humanity is failing itself and humans fail themselves. Life is not easy indeed!"

"As I said," reminded George Fähnrich his friend with a big smile on his face and wisdom in his eyes, "when someone begins to dig deep down into what life is and how life presents itself in all the corners and times of the earth...the one can easily fall into serious depression and turn mad...I am telling you, easily!"

"I assume, you are perfectly right," looked Heinz Wohlfarth into his eyes and saw a mother with two children standing on the other side of the road. She took out a white handkerchief, spit into it and rubbed it along the cheek of her little son to wipe away a few spots of dirt. He smiled and remembered the day as his own mother used to do the same to him and he had hated it so much always.

George Fähnrich wanted to distract his Hamburg friend from what he was seeing on the other side of the road by saying: "The other day I watched a report on TV that in Ghana six witch camps are still in operation with four hundred or seven hundred witches each. They even lynch women villagers believe to be hold responsible for their village misfortune, they simply kill these women and think they are right in what they are doing. These people pray to their Gods to make them finish off their enemies, enemies out of jealousy. People that are selfish to the max not wanting anyone around them, especially not from the own family or close to them to make it in life and stand tall but want to pull them on earth can anyone honestly believe that such a society haunted by evil spirits and practices can ever make it to the top of societies and come out strong? Besides Benin, I was learning from the report, Ghana is number two country in all of Africa still having that spirit in the whole society, a spirit we in Europe have overcome generations ago and are able to fly to Moon and Mars. There you can see that fortune or misfortune is not a destiny rather a mindset. And when the mindset of a society is set on progress, on working together as a society and nation, progress can happen anywhere, whether or not you are a country with lots of natural resources or just a society depending entirely on export and for that matter on the correct spirit of the citizen therein. It is not the issue in life where you start form, but it is the issue where you eventually end up that truly matters. When the spiritual basis is not helping you, is incorrect, is wrong, anything can be tried to change the situation, but the situation will not improve but keep a society and its people on a low level. It needs strong visionary leaders that can make an impact but as long as these people are meant to come from within the society, how can be correct in his mind to believe that these leaders will change a society for good. No one can seriously belief that to be taken seriously. Maybe the one exception in space and time is possible, but when followed by a successor, the country goes down on its knees again as seen so often in the history of the African continent. Therefore, only the mind, spirit and power of an outsider not injected with evil spirits, not praising the Gods in secret, can eventually make an impact and change a country for the better. So, on that note you see that societies can be given freedom on paper, they can try to manage their own affairs which also means they have to protect themselves from any foreign unwanted and not helpful influence, from any attempt of the former rulers to take advantage of set themselves free and run into a great future in all aspects of society. But when the spirit that is the basis of society success is of evil spirit, is worshipping the Gods from under the Sea and Village Trees...that society is doomed and destined to fail. In the end it is the only responsibility of such a nation to make the right decision in the setting of a freed and souverain nation...not the decision of any other foreign party."

"You have hope for Africa?" challenged Heinz Wohlfarth.

George Fähnrich looked very seriously at his Hamburg friend not knowing whether to laugh or to cry out loud and said after few minutes of silence and thinking, finding the best answer possible: "As Africa is mandated by birth to rule the waves of space and time but currently messed up so reminds me of the bible when God send his only son to clear the air and give mankind a second chance to live a better life, that the overwhelming numbers of Africans to be born and take place in Africa that he will send another special man to fix the African mess."

"But this is not a second Jesus...right?"

"Jesus was and is only one," answered George Fähnrich and smiled. "Jesus was a teacher and a healer, a Prophet...but he was not a fighter kind of human being equipped with the tools to change a nation and an entire continent for which the right spirit and blessings are needed, the way must be paved by the Almighty, no doubt about that...but that person must know the tools of politics and fight the way through to a better future like once Joseph did in Egypt...also not a local National, but a foreigner."

"You mean...history will repeat itself in another form and the Prophet does not mean anything in his own society as they are saying goes and the bible proofs?"

"Most likely!" answered George Fähnrich with quiet voice, wake up, stretched his legs, and walked along the streets alongside Heinz Wohlfarth. "The funny thing about Africa and in particular Ghana is, that the best teacher for a progressive and great nation is not the free will of the people at large and the political system...."

"What is it then?"

"The Army!" answered George Fähnrich.

"The Army? Are you serious?" was Heinz Wohlfarth shocked and a bit angry knowing what Armies can stand for.

"I am dead serious," laughed George Fähnrich his head off and stopped looking straight into his Hamburg friend´s eyes. "For a society to be free and progressive, people of a nation have to pass through the bottle neck, squeeze themselves, push and push to reach the other end of the bottle and pour themselves out over many. In other words the Army teaches people to be disciplined, to work as a team, to overcome selfishness and pride, to see the common goal as bigger as the personal benefit, not to cheat, not to be of corrupt mentality as in combat, in a war zone, all have to pull at the same rope into the same direction. And only the Army is capable of doing so while it must be sad that their leaders must understand their newly assigned mandate not to fight any more friendly neighbors or in faraway lands, but for Nation building and forming new characters out of the mess the characters are trapped in by history and evil spirits of tradition. No, the Army when it understands its role very well in a modern society that is in serious trouble faced with people that are messed up, it is the only form, the only institution to create a nation full of wonderful people that work commonly together and create a paradise for themselves as a raw model for other nations to follow and create a continent full of paradises that will have the right to rule the waves of space and time in all corners of the world. So, when you look at it from this angle you will come to a funny conclusion; I mean that it needs the limitation of personal freedom for a nation to be great and strong. "

"You mean really, that force is needed for a nation to be free?"

George Fähnrich put his arms on the shoulders of Heinz Wohlfarth to make him stop walking and said: "You must think always, listen to me and listen to me very well, not with your own mind based on your own expectations and perception, but must think freely in which condition a country is in at a certain given time. What might look cruel to you, in just, can be the best strategy, the right way forward, for another nation. The tool box of history, of ruling the world, is so full of tools we all know their benefits and disadvantages of as nothing is new on earth, that we must use what is best in a certain given time in a certain corner of the world...and not assume what is good for us must also be good for other nations at our timing. No, that would be a big mistake and history should better learn nations lessons they really can learn from and more on into a better future to be good examples for others to learn from and follow instead of being the self-proclaimed teacher that believes he knows best in all corners and at all times in this world. So, when the Army in these countries understand its role very well and right to create good characters while at the same time offering them professional skills to train them to become professionals and entrepreneurs of various kinds in the economy... ."

"That would work as a booster to any society in Africa, I guess."

"Your guess is as good as is a right guess," laughed George Fähnrich his head off one more time.

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