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Freedom never comes - Part 39

Freedom never comes - Part 39
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"Is it my problem when these people are so stupid to labour for riches while it is easy just to sit here, give false impression, pretending that I am helpless depending on the mercy of others to make it through life?" provoked the young man the two Germans.

"What a confused conception of life that is!" got Heinz Wohlfarth angry and disgusted. "You seriously believe to live on the mercy of others is the best way to be free from material things and the bondage of relationships?"

The American turned to him and said blankly straight into his face with no shame in his voice: "Sure...I do!"

Heinz Wohlfarth was short of words. A young man able to work, able to fight his way through life, seriously wanted to make him believe such a life-style, such a crazy concept of living could ever be justified and lead to freedom, at least the idea of freedom in a whatever way, big or small.

"When you live of the mercy of others you are worse off than when you labour for others...I am telling you the truth!" confronted Heinz Wohlfarth the beggar with his mind. "To work for money and put something aside makes you freer than walking around in time and space depending on the mercy of others regardless the little you think you really need for life. It not only makes you poor in your pocket, it also makes you poor and dependent in your mind. This way you end up in a dead end, a street of no return, a deadlock. Freedom to find in a dead end. How? How do you think that would be possible to achieve? Freedom is an open process and endless, and only your mind can pave the way to that endless road and keep you on it."

"Life is in my mind first and my mind manifest itself in my body. My body is only the container in which my life takes place. Without my body my mind cannot work, my brain does not operate. Only my body can carry my brain from places to places in time and around the world. is my mind only that can understand the world and create the environment that I need to live my very own life. When my body is limited, malfunctioning or my body is restricted of its movement, imprisoned because I speak my very own mind that does not suite others, it is still my mind that sets me free. People around me might see that this form of limitation can limit my spirit, my thinking...but dreams and hopes are free to walk around the earth in space and time, no restrictions able to limit these trips. And for that very reason I need time for myself more than I can spend to work for others and labour for money. But here I sit, can think and dream, can walk with my mind into times and places never known before and while I do that I get fed by others...on their mercy for me, that is true. Time on earth is precious, not to be wasted by useless work, but by thinking of how this world really works, what the meaning of this world really is. I mean monks in foreign lands o does not do things differently. They isolate themselves from this world, live in their enclave, put themselves away from the eyes of others to have inner peace and meditate and pray to find the answers they are looking for to understand all these that we humans have seen, that we see now and that we can imagine for the future. Such people are also free, free in their way of thinking, on their way of understanding of life´s matters. But I do not believe in any God, I believe in what is and want to find out why it is and why I am and that only a free mind is able to make sense of all this that we breath, eat, drink and see around us. A free mind can give us all the answers we as human beings are asking for. Only when we go out into the world, physically or mentally or best both we see the many differences in this world, we understand the very different ways human beings can live and have to pass through. When we see, when we observe and when we feel in us what others feel we will never forget the sweat others are sweating. The heart and boldness of others are in that sweat that we can sweat for short while sharing life with them. When we are constantly on the run to understand, to hear, to observe and to feel...."

George Fähnrich interrupted him and said with anger in his voice:" You are repeating yourself...we know all that already. In particular I myself months ago have set sail to find freedom in this world by getting on my bike and ride the waves of change. I rode my bike from Germany all down here and while I did that I was working in exchange for food and shelter. I never thought of depending on the mercy of others to understand how this world is turning round and round and where I eventually finally would find my true self and freedom in whatever from, at least a glance of it or if it does not exist in any corner of this world, which would be very sad and depressing, I than at least would be able to convince myself having done anything possible, nothing left out, to find the answer to my question where is my freedom. But as I said, any I repeat it again, this you can never find when you depend on the mercy of others for which reason Monks in my society from early on were making sure that their monasteries can sustain themselves and set time aside to labour so they could support themselves while in Thailand I know Monks go into town with their rise bowls and are blessed by believers to get food into them. For me, that is all I know and can imagine, freedom starts small when I do not depend on the mercy of others but use my mind to set me free...even in works that are not of my desire but I will be faced with."

Lewis from Kentucky responded with a big smile on his face: "Everyone is free to decide for himself what he wants to believe and what he rejects as not relevant or even false. On that basis I have made my decision and I simply walk my very own way."

Heinz Wohlfarth turned to George Fähnrich and said: "I think we should be on our way and go. Here we are somehow stuck in the middle of the road." George Fähnrich agreed and both walked away.

They made their way towards Galshanim, the waterfront of Herzlia. Impressive massive stones protected the shoreline from the Sea getting closer inland. A long pier on top of the light brownish stones made it possible for Heinz Wohlfarth and george Fähnrich to be closer to the fish deep down in the blue water. They turned around seeing the high-rise building used as Hotels and Apartment blocks for tourists and locals alike. Young ladies were standing with their puddles on long boards trying to stay upright and not to fall right into the water under their feet. Small sailing boats with their white sails were cruising from side to side giving their owners the great feeling to be free from life on land. They were sailing away from troubles into the horizon with no clouds in the skies.

Heinz Wohlfarth sitting down at the end of the pier aside from the feet of the few tourists that had found their way to that place as well in the early afternoon hours said, while looking to the horizon: "My observation is that as this world is a material world in what low or high form ever, economic freedom is the most free basis that can help a human being to determine personal freedom for himself and sets him above the odds of life, the stress that is not really helping people to take time and understand what they are and what they are supposed to do rather pushes them around anyhow as the need is the driving force and not the relaxed mind to think."

"I guess...that makes somehow sense," agreed George Fähnrich smiling at a little girl enjoying her ice-cream. For few moments that ice-cream seemed all she wanted to have in life. She seemed to be very content, very happy with that particular moment in her life standing at the side of her mother that was watching sailing boat after sailing boat crossing the waves before her eyes.

"When you come from nowhere, maybe even from under nowhere, from the deep, deep misery of life, the only way forward can be up, as further down is not possible. And when you sit in your own corner, even relaxing for a short while, it must occur to you that making the way up only comes by sacrifices. When you think you can achieve a change, you are mistaken as it leaves you stranded on your low level. So, you must be prepared to sacrifice in many way, in financial way, in ways that isolate you from many people, you must keep your mouth shut and observe more than you would talk. So, in many ways you have to restrain yourself for years with no end, so it at least seems to you. The higher you want to reach in life, the more you have to pay the price of sacrifice. Even when you are born at the top whatever your parents have achieved it is only for them. Your life starts all over again and the cycle of understanding never ends. In any walks of life each individual has to make necessary sacrifices when wanting to be great. And when once great the oversight of and about life is given and on that level the extend of freedom, whether there is total freedom in this world ever possible or only individual freedom to whatever extend...that is the plateau a human being has to stand on in his mind, in his understanding of life´s issues when freedom in anyway matters to a person. In my view that should matter to anyone as this in the end sets us humans above animals and plants and truly makes us rule the world and be the master of life as given and possibly being created by us."

"You mean," was a through crossing George Fähnrich`s mind and when thinking about it hesitating to voice it out, "when people just live but do not want to understand life`s matters and life`s fundamentals such as freedom and the I in us, whether or not truth really exist for all or only the individual imagination of however defined truth...such people are slightly above the level of animals?"

"To use animals and human beings in the same sentence and make a comparison on these aspects of life...I do not think it hits the nail on the head," was Heinz Wohlfarth related to agree with his Lübeck friend. "As we all have a brain given for free why do we not used this one in a life-time chance to make the best of possible use out of it and...start thinking instead of only living day in and day out?"

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