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29.07.2020 Opinion

Dictator In A Democratic Suit: The Case Of The Akufo Addo Leadership

By Sumailah Halidu
Dictator In A Democratic Suit: The Case Of The Akufo Addo Leadership
LISTEN JUL 29, 2020

Ghanaians have always fought to have a say in the day to day running of their country by constructive criticisms to keep the government of the day on their toes and on the right path. As a people, our history is filled with many struggles against government that will not allow the values of democracy to have its free flow.

These struggles over years have been rewarded with a recognizable and well-respected state of democracy globally. Until today, people had the liberty to express their opinions about government policies.

But lo and behold, there came a disguised tyrant who was merchandised as a human right lawyer and activist with deceptive promises which were bought massively.

Alas! That was sadly the beginning of our doom as a democratic state, a drawback to the dark ages, and a drawback to the days of ‘culture of silence’ by the modern dictator his “tyranny Nana Dankwa Akufo Addo

Now it has become almost impossible for beneficiaries of government policies to criticize it. Everyone has to play some bit of political games to secure his or her job.

For instance, headteachers of second cycle instructions have no say in the implementation of the free SHS policy. It is only when you are ready to forfeit your job that you can be vocal about the prominent challenges regarding the policy. Great men and women who could’ve offered technical critique and offer solutions to government policies have to shut their mouth while immature and inexperienced politicians order them around. Are we truly in a democracy? I dare say is an absolute dictatorship sugar-coated with democracy. I think it was very easy because both words begin with the letter ‘D’.

The government of the day must note that he represents the people of Ghana and he should permit the people who gave him the mandate to express their feelings about his policies. The position of intolerance is alarming.

How do you assess what you are doing if the citizens are gagged to become spectators? It is not surprising when we see public and civil officials dance around with flattery and false praises just to secure their job.

Mr Akufo Addo, you will get the real assessment when acts of intimidation and intolerance are redrawn from the public lest, December 2020, the people with their efficacious power will show you the final exit.


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