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28.07.2020 Press Release

Ken Ofori Atta Is A Treasure To The Country — NPP Germany

Ken Ofori Atta Is A Treasure To The Country — NPP Germany
LISTEN JUL 28, 2020

The Finance Minister of the Republic of Ghana has made extraordinary progress with him at the helm of affairs as a director of the national economy. With him at post, the numbers keep getting better and the better keeps getting best.

Hon. Adongo of the NDC, even though could call his elementary economics ideas as one from a professional, could not help in managing the economy when his party was in power but so vociferous in attacks on the current man of the moment.

Ken Ofori Atta has presented a budget review to Parliament for debates, as we seek to recover from the effects Covid19 posed and continue to pose to our economy. In the budget are stimulus packages, relief packages, tax reductions and many pragmatic steps and decisions that many believe will make good fortunes for the country in its quest to recover. As the President said, "we know how to bring back our economy..."

Meanwhile, Hon. Adongo has referred to the Finance Minister as a clever thief. This is mainly because the Finance Minister mentioned that the country has fed 400.000 persons who needed relief during lockdown to the tune of GHC 54 million.

This is a clear indication that the Ndc lacks mathematical and statistical accuracy and therefore jumps on the back of insults to deal with situations they don't have strength to solve. The math is so simple that even JHS students know that if 400.000 persons are fed with GHC 5 a day for 30 days it will in itself amount to GHC 60 million. Of course the lockdown period was for a 21 day period and we also know the food shared was more than GHC 5 per head. What at all could be blinding a whole party not to see this clearly.

Well, the answer lies in H.E. Dr. Bawumia, anytime Dr. Bawumia sneezes the Ndc catches a cold and the cold clouds their senses depriving them the ability to do proper analysis of the subject matter at hand, can't blame Hon. Adongo though, H.E. Dr. Bawumia has been a thorn in Ndc's flesh especially that of Hon. Adongo, anytime the Economic Team headed by H.E. Dr Bawumia comes out swinging with facts backed by data to show the level of our growth, Hon. Adongo and his Inept Team also goes to the Haystack to look for the needle, how pathetic, Hon. Adongo trying to be on the same pedestal with H.E. Dr. Bawumia and the Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta is like the snake going to visit the mongoose.

The narrative is so true that the alternative we have is very scary and empty. Our resolve to bless the authority we have as voters and hand it over to Nana Akufo-Addo for the second period running is Unwavering and God willing the NPP Shall Continue To Rule.


May God Bless Ghana,

Nana Addo And The NPP.


Nana Boateng

NPP Germany Branch Communications Director.

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