03.08.2006 General News

Asawase MP is confused

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Alhaji Muntaka, the NDC MP for Asawase in Kumasi is now a confused man and therefore those who listen to him must not take him serious.

The MP made an assertion on a Kumasi based local fm station that the National Health Insurance Scheme is not good and that it will soon collapse and therefore nobody should register.

The MP at the end of this assertion said he and his family have registered and are waiting for their cards to enable them the access to the scheme. This shows clearly that he is a confusionist and trying to deny listeners good health care offered by the NHIS.

The cash and carry system initiated by the by the NDC was meant to kill Ghanaians, deprive them of quality health service and since the NDC couldn't do away with this deadly system and the NPP has done it, that is why the NDC MP is strongly against it.

When NDC was in power, its minutes and other high ranking members of the party were sent abroad for medical treatment because of the poor services been rendered at our health institution.

The NPP has been able to improve upon these health institutions making health care in the country now very efficient and must therefore be embraced.

Alhaji Muntaka should remember that for the 19 years the (P)NDC ruled, government could not put in place any concrete arrangement that workers enjoy all the benefits associated with the SSNIT Scheme notably the Health Insurance. It must be noted that in many advanced economies like that of the US and Canada, Health Insurance is a prominent feature of a social security scheme. It takes only a visionless government like the (P)NDC not to appreciate this arrangement. Health workers, by the time the NDC left office, had begun an alarming exodus to other countries due to poor conditions of service.

The NDC MP has lauded the NPP government over the health insurance by registering himself and his family so followers of Alhaji Muntaka should also join the scheme.

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