03.08.2006 General News


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The Ashanti Regional First Vice Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Osei Assibey Antwi has taken, Mr. James Victor Gbeho, NDC Member of Parliament for Anlo over his comments that former President Jerry John Rawlings is better than President John Agyekum Kufuor saying, the former diplomat should compare apples with apples.

He said it is the height of absurdity for Mr. Gbeho to attempt a comparison of ex-President Rawlings and President Kufuor since the two are different in the true sense of word.

Osei Assibey Antwi noted that the regime of former President Rawlings is replete with gross human rights abuse and violations unparanelled in the annals of the nation's history.

He mentioned the abduction and murder of judges, executions of former heads of state, detention of political opponents, seizure of assets and prosecution of the media are some of the hallmarks of Rawlings regime and said comparing ex- President Rawlings to President Kufuor is a non starter.

''Under the Presidency of His Excellency J. A. Kufuor Ghana has witnessed the dawn of a new era where individuals rights and privileges are respected, an unbridled press freedom and free _expression, respect of rule of law, the right to wealth creation and a society free from terror'', said the Ashanti Regional First Vice Chairman of the NPP.

He said Mr. Gbeho's comparisons were only borne out of a desire to please his former boss and founder of the party whose back he rode to became a Member of Parliament.

According to Osei Assibey Antwi what the Kufuor led administration has been able to achieve in its six years in office dwarfs the achievements of the 20 years of P/NDC regime headed by ex- President Rawlings.

“ Former President Rawlings has had the singular privilege and opportunity to have steered the affairs of this nation for 20 years and Ghana would have been a better place than it is today, had he been able to deliver”, he said.

The Ashanti Regional First Vice Chairman of the NPP noted that the fact that former president Rawlings could go to the extent of assaulting his former vice President, the late Kow Nkensea Arkaah at a cabinet meeting makes any comparison between President Kufuor and ex-President Rawlings a non- event.

He wondered why the likes of Mr. Gbeho are refusing to acknowledge what even the even the international community has conceded saying Ghana's selection for the Millenium Challenge Account which has seen the country accessing over 500millon dollars fro the accounts was based on a strict and transparent process including adherence to civil liberties, political right, good governance, rule of law and control of corruption.

Osei Assibey Antwi Exhorted Mr. Gbeho to save himself further blushes by treating issues objectively instead of seeing everything through a political lens.

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