03.08.2006 General News


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Members and leaders of the biggest opposition party in the country the National Democratic Congress (NDC) are always criticizing any good thing the NPP government plans or bought to the country.

The general secretary of the NDC, Asiedu Nketia aka General mosquito has started peddling lies about the committee appointed to see the 50th Anniversary Celebration and the amount to be spent on this celebration that some members of the opposition parties be included in the committee and also the money is too big.

But he has forgotten the amount NDC spent on Bill Clinton's arrival in the country and NAM conference. The NDC hired cars to the tune of billons of cedis for these purposes instead of buying those cars for the state. The charges were inflated because they were hired cars, nobody could ask for accountability.

The NDC did the same thing when E. T Mensah, the then Minister for youth and sports hired his own car to the state at the cost of 68m cedis for the black stars coach to use while that money can buy a better car than his which can be used by any coach.

Today they are talking about the amount to be spent for the 50th Anniversary celebration which will be followed immediately by AU conference.

The cars to be bought will be used by the heads of states who will attend the anniversary and the conference. These cars will forever remain the properties of the state.

The NDC led by Asiedu Nketia should therefore keep quite for NPP to prepare well for this 50th anniversary.

Because it did not happen at their time that they have started throwing dust into the eyes of Ghanaians. They are all liars. Keep away from them they have nothing good to offer Ghanaians but rather troubles.

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