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EGLE boss calls for crusade to expose 1966 lies

By The Chronicle
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The Chairman of Council of Elders of the Every People Living Everywhere (EGLE) party, Danny Ofori-Atta, has advocated for a crusade to expose what he called 'lies that were planted in 1996 as justification for coups in this country'.

According to him, such lies, which resulted in coups to overthrow the first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, was the genesis of the nation's retrogression.

“We have to uproot the spirit of lies that was planted in this country as justification for the coup in 1966. I believe strongly that, that coup is what created the retrogression of this country,” adding that the mentors of the coup managed to reason with the people with lies which paved way for Dr. Nkrumah to even write a pamphlet, titled, “The Big Lie.”

He noted that the pamphlet exposed the level of damage that was done to the country Ghana.

Mr. Ofori Atta, who is currently battling with debtors said, “Journalists have a lot to do because what they write actually determines the mood of the nation. It is very important that Journalists lead the crusade to bring back the spirit of truth.”

He continued, “We, the youth, also have the responsibility to expose the lies and actually deal with it, because this country cannot continue like that even though such lies have hit the wall.”

The Chairman, who explained his indebtedness that his licenses have been revoked by the current administration which makes his business to suffer a lot hiccups, said he was glad that the architects of the 1966 coup were now in power.

“We are very lucky and I am very happy that the NPP had had the chance to rule this country for two undisputed terms and I am praying that they end it undisturbed so that what they have displayed in governance in terms of development of this country can justify the coup and those acts perpetrated against this country as a result of kicking Kwame Nkrumah out of power.”

According to him, the agenda of the NPP which has its roots from the Danquah/Busia, in opposition to Dr. Nkrumah in those days, was aimed at removing him from power by peddling falsehoods to the extent that cartoons were drawn signifying that the then President was sacrificing human blood by using pregnant women.

He mentioned how Nkrumah was accused of spending monies left for the nation by British colonial masters.

Meanwhile, he said, Nkrumah managed with the little resources to build the Akosombo Dam, VALCO, the Tema Harbour, Tema Township and many other achievements, which are visible today.

Mr. Ofori Atta, who underscored that the nationalistic spirit, which characterized the nation recently following the Black Stars gallant display at their maiden debut in Germany, was virtually missing because of lies.

“Ghanaians are hungry for a nationalistic spirit but politicians with all their lies are not encouraging it. I am now becoming a politician because of this 'nonsense'. I am sacrificing myself to be a politician. I don't need to and don't want it but because of all these things, I now want to be one. I don't need money. I bought myself a Jaguar when I was the age of 27,” he boasted.

“I believe again that the youth of this country have the responsibility to put this government on its toes,” stating further that the youth also get the vim to redirect this nation.”

Mr. Ofori Atta argued that currently, the nation needed a political party that has answers to the economic problems. “We need a political party that has economic solutions that would solve the problems of the nation.”

But he was not able to identify which party that currently has the magic wand to solve the country's economic problems.

Responding to his recent moves in the Eastern Region, Mr. Ofori Atta, whose party is now in a coalition with the National Democratic Congress (NDC), stated that the electorate in the Region wanted his EGLE party back to power because of what it could do for the people.

To him, the electorate had felt disappointed and disillusioned by the current government hence their call for the return of a Danny-led party.

Predicting what would happen in the next election, the politician cum businessman said his target was to at least pluck four parliamentary seats for the EGLE/NDC coalition.

He mentioned the four-targeted constituencies as, Akim Oda, Abuakwa North, Fanteakwa and the Suhum constituencies.

Grilled about his indebtedness, this was what he said, “It is a fact that I have been fighting with my debtors because the system attacked me and terminated my contracts.

I did not get the license to operate after I had invested too much. They refused to pay my contract certificate for almost two years. If you do that to every entrepreneur you expose that person to debts.”

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