22.07.2020 General News

Students Sue Abbeam Danso Institute For Fraud

Students Sue Abbeam Danso Institute For Fraud
LISTEN JUL 22, 2020

Some concerned students from the Abbeam Institute of Technology have sued the school for deception and fraud.

One of the students who spoke to the mid-morning show host of Angel FM Ohemaa Woyeje said she is a final year student of Abbeam institute of technology.

The student who gave her name as Maame said before applying she saw the advert on TV and then decided to contact the school for affirmation.

According to her, the school authorities told her that when she completes level 400, she will be writing the University of Cambridge exams in the United Kingdom as a final exam for the certificate.

She indicated that after wasting 4years in the school she is now being asked to pay eight hundred pounds (£800) before she can get the opportunity to write the Cambridge Exams else she will be graduating with a diploma certificate.

She added that she and other students suffering the same fate have spoken to a lawyer who has sued and served the Abbeam Institute with writs from the High Court

Oheema Woyeje who has vowed to expose such schools said that lot of innocent Ghanaians are being duped and that she has decided to give an opportunity to people who have encountered similar unpleasant situations to speak out their grievances.

She mentioned another vocational school at Flamingo that is alleged to be duping innocent students. ''People are going through a lot that I will be exposing soon starting from today'', Ohemaa stated.

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