29.07.2006 General News

Palestine Envoy Protests

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THE Palestinian Ambassador to Ghana, Saadi Altumaizi, has called for an immediate ceasefire and the halt of aggression in the Gaza strip.

He said the United States and the UN Security Council should carry their responsibilities by forcing Israel to put an end to its current violence on both Palestinian and Lebanese territories by issuing resolutions demanding Israel to comply with an urgent ceasefire.

He was speaking at a media briefing in Africa yesterday on the current situation in the Middle East.

He said the targeting of Palestinian citizens and infrastructure would not solve the problem, but complicates it and would lead the region towards more tension and instability.

Mr. Altumaizi, therefore, called on the United Nations and United States to implement the international laws adding, "the seizure of their Palestinian lands is against international laws".

"A just solution for Arab-Israeli conflict must guarantee the restoration of the inalienable national rights of our Palestinian people and the interest of all people in the region", he noted.

"In this respect, an immediate ceasefire is needed, and a halt of aggression in the Gaza Strip, on the Palestinian people and Lebanon, should be applied. Diplomatic efforts must be given the opportunity to find ways of addressing the real causes and the roots of the problem," Mr. Altumaizi stated.

He said on Wednesday July 26, 28 civilians were killed and dozens wounded out of a massacre, he stated.

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