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'Take Personal Responsibility To Fight COVID-19' — Ghanaians Told

'Take Personal Responsibility To Fight COVID-19' — Ghanaians Told
LISTEN JUL 19, 2020

The Ghana Developing Communities Association (GDCA), a non-governmental organisation, has advised Ghanaians to take personal responsibility at their homes, workplaces and social gatherings to protect themselves and loved ones from the COVID-19.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has come to redefine the way we relate, and this will definitely affect the way we work,” it said.

This was in the Annual Report of the GDCA presented at its 36th Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at Dalun in the Kumbungu District of the Northern Region.

Alhaji Osman Abdel-Rahman, the Executive Director of GDCA, presented the Report on behalf of the Chairman, Dr Osman Al-Hassan.

It covered projects undertaken in 2019 by the NGO and its subsidiary organisations including School for Life, Changing Lives in Innovative Partnerships, and Dalun Simli Centre.

Projects implemented during the year under review included the Empowerment for Life Programme (E4L), Project to Support Livestock Mobility for better access to resources and markets in West Africa, Enhancing Participation in Revenue Mobilisation, European Volunteers Aid, Community Volunteer Teacher, and Education Quality Initiative.

GDCA works to empower citizens of deprived communities to achieve political, social and economic development and engage in sound environmental practices for sustainable living.

Dr Al-Hassan said: “A lot was achieved in our effort to bring the desired development to our people. The lives of thousands of people in deprived communities have been made better as a result of the interventions of the programmes. Many women have benefited from our various E4L programmes, which have improved their businesses and families.”

“Potable water and sanitation facilities have been provided to communities and schools in the past year, which did not only reduce the drudgery of looking for water but also improved their health status.”

He said through the various capacity building and advocacy programmes, community people had gained awareness on issues of governance and human rights and were able to participate in decision-making.

Dr Al-Hassan spoke about various government policies that continued to support the GDCA's efforts at contributing to the development of communities and these include the Planting for Food and Jobs through which many farmers were able to grow more to feed their families and improve income.

He mentioned the One Village One Dam and the National Health Insurance Scheme as two policies that provided the development context and enabling environment for the GDCA's operations and promoted the welfare of beneficiaries.

Dr Al-Hassan said challenges that hindered the smooth operations of the organisation included floods causing destruction to crops, livestock and other property.

That resulted in high food prices, which were worsened by the global hikes in fuel prices, he said.

Mr Inusah Atchulo, the Acting Northern Regional Director of the Department of Social Welfare, commended the GDCA for implementing a number of interventions to bring social change, expand access to education and improve livelihoods.


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