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AMA cleanup campaign on but…

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The Accra Metropolitan Assembly is embarking on its fourth clean up exercise today but a waste service provider says it is an exercise in futility

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) will this morning embark on a drive to rid the city of filth. The exercise is the fourth since its inception. Commercial activities are expected to come to a standstill whilst the clean up is ongoing.

But the Assembly's efforts have been criticized by some who question the effectiveness of these exercises.

The chairman of the Waste Service Providers Association, Captain Amoh-Twum says the clean up exercise is not the solution to the waste management problem in the country.

He told JOYNEWS in an interview that the problem can only be solved when the exercises are carried out regularly.

“Absolutely, it is not the solution to it and when you do not know where you are going, no road leads to there. You cannot have a situation where you create heaps of garbage then you use one day to try and clear it. Then for the next couple of weeks the heaps come back again and then you try to clear again. Waste management is a regular and consistent activity. So you must have the sources to handle its recurrent expenses,” he said

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