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Beware of fake hair products on the market

By The Insight
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Many women are falling victim to the activities of smugglers of fake hair products which have virtually flooded the Ghanaian market.

Some of the women have gotten bald and others have broken hair or experienced burning scalp.

Vice President of the National Association of Beauticians and Hair dressers, Mrs Joyce Lamptey said that the fake hair products were collapsing the hairdressing industry.

“We are losing many clients who blame us for their fate”, she said.

She said many of their clients were now plaiting their hairs instead of opting for European and other hairdos.

At a press conference in Accra, Mrs Lamptey lashed out state institutions charged with responsibility for policing the market for failing to do their duty.

She said many other industries were also suffering the effects of smuggling of imitated goods.

She said the importation of fake motor spare parts was responsible for many of accidents on the roads.

Chemical settlers, she said were also selling killer drugs, which look exactly like the original ones.

Mrs Lamptey said the collapse of the textile industry could also be attributed to the importation of cheap and inferior fabrics.

The poultry industry has also been hit by the influx of fake vaccines.

She urged relevant government agencies to “come to Macedonia” by taking a second look at the enforcement of existing regulations on the importation, testing and standardization of products.

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