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13.07.2020 Poem

Nakedness Blues

By Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah
Nakedness Blues
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A Poetic Construction on a series of unfolding events related to Politics, Religion, Arts and Culture, Societal Immorality associated with the behaviors of Man which seeks to make the Death of Christ useless *

If people were wise
they would not have swallowed a Knife
without knowing how its anus would expel it.

People are not real people
as they are of themselves
and not for others even in one's Truth
and cracked kindness of extension

People are not of the old anymore
as they are quick in judgment
to the sarcasm of their unconscious thought
in punching a diarrhea of unforgiving knockouts
just to please himself in the now society
of untraceable and non-taxable shared manipulated wealth

People are not of their Hearts
but of their minds
As they have become gibbering idiots
as crosscuts as the jig saw
gifting dishonest chaos
even before a Court of diligent proverbial elders
who cultured his “oath” in allegiance to the will power
of the bleeding and fragile servants
who at a time, were his Masters

People are now wicked by birth
because they are born into a track field
where they change batons of enterprise sin
which was managed by the households of their unreal fathers
who possessed surgical hands as robbers
in a half moon day

People aren't patriotic like before
as home sense has been thrown at the dogs
and even book sense, served as dinner before a team of opposing minds

People are now men scouts
and if truly faults are faulty
then this societal parade on a call
of an informal norm to be accepted
should be seen as a wrongful right
in the lust of them, that seek to satisfy their flesh

People are not Religious in their hibernation
as they daily drum tempting porn
ungodly to even their own eyes
to the ignorant "fool" who has failed to weigh wisdom over spirituality

People don't love anymore
as it is not food to the wake of a new breath.

People are honey of a dark age
as they commit their belief in idolatry as medicine
to their meditation that goes beyond an uncommon eclipse of death

People cheat on their spouses in marriages
and still disrespect their homes
without remorse for their hard-fought sacrifices.
So, in this puzzled Rasta
Wear your "dross": For we have become insensitive thieves
who bargain with Christ as if we are familiar spirits
with the majority Cabinet

I am at fault myself
for thinking as the lot
In a compromised society
where we are living as shareholders and apostles of slavery
desiring to live the dreams of others

People are not just of men
but of life choices.
Therefore, with my prayer being in Traffic
I look forward to what I will get from this free verse
as the meeting of judgement is my own to defend.

But hey! Change that attitude
to awash that madness of your nakedness
displayed in the praise of vain whisperers
as man is poor and life, a fleeting memory in time.

*Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah *
*Aka Poet et Cetera *
*9:22 a.m *
*10 July, 2020 *

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