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Our Achievements Should Be Our Trump Card; Let’s Not Waste Time On NDC—NPP USA Columbus

By NPP-USA Columbus Chapter
Our Achievements Should Be Our Trump Card; Let’s Not Waste Time On NDC—NPP USA Columbus
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NPP-USA Columbus Chapter Secretary, Mr. Danny Opoku Antwi has urged his NPP party people to concentrate on their achievements, their new plans of intends and strategies to implement and serve the good people of Ghana rather than wasting time to discuss the running mate of the NDC flag bearer.

In any case, is that the first time a woman and for that matter, an academician is selected to be a running mate. Not at all so let’s leave NDC. A party in opposition who can’t give alternative why should we waste time on their running mate when we as NPP have a lot to taut ourselves about.

Talk about the achievements in education, infrastructure, school modeling to ensure that all qualify students attend Senior high school without paying a pesewa, payment of allowances for teachers and nurses who as a result of the cancellation by NDC made these vulnerable to stay home which nearly placed them under unforeseen future, the rejuvenation and creativity of factories, and dams to serve the needs of communities, how we have been able to address economic challenges left by the NDC government, just to mentioned a few these are the things to talk about rather than WASTING our time on a running mate.

He posits that, “I’ve observed the social media ranting after the flag bearer of the NDC named his running mate. I am very worried about the way our noble party NPP members on social media are handling it.” The flag bearer of the NDC running mate has become the center of attraction? We have time for better things.

“Once again, we cannot ignore our numerous achievement we’ve done to discuss about their running mate instead of our achievement”, he said. Ghanaians are going to base on our achievement to give us another 4 year mandate based on what we are able to achieve not based on how often we attack a running mate. The NDC Flag bearer Ghanaians rejected how much the running mate.

Remember opposition is different from power. The way we handle issues in power is different from in opposition. Ghanaians are going to measure our achievement and their expectations when they voted for us. We should explain our numerous achievements to them instead of wasting time on the NDC. We shouldn’t waste time trying to make their running mate popular.

The battle is still the Lord. God want NPP to take Ghanaians to the promised land. Please, let’s not be diverted on a candidate already rejected and her running mate. Remember, our motto “freedom in development”. We have the men!! We have the women!! We have the youth!! NPP is serving Ghana and serving Ghana in the best interest of all citizens.

Arise NPP!!! Arise Kukrudu!!

God bless our home land Ghana and continue to make us the beacon of Africa and a pacesetter for Africa's development. Ghana will still continue to develop and develop better under His Excellency, President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo and Dr Mamudu Bawumia. The name NDC fears the Most.

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