21.07.2006 Social News

GPRTU releases new fares for commercial drivers

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The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) has released new fares for commercial drivers following the petrol price hike.

This comes after concerns were raised by commuters about some commercial drivers in the city increasing fares arbitrarily.

Speaking to JOYNEWS, the Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the GPRTU, Alhaji Essah Tetteh said the Union has arrived at a consensus on an agreeable increment and urged all their members to adhere to the new fares.

“We have received a report from the Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council and on the taxis' we have kilometres. If you are doing a 2.5 kilometer, your charge is 2,500 and so on, up till 38.5 kilo metres which is 17,000 cedis. But on the trotro, its increase is on thousands. So where the charge was 1000 cedis; now it is 1,100 cedis, where it is 2,000 cedis; it is 2,100, where it is 4,000; it is 4,200. That is for trotro”.

“You have the long distance, where the charge is 8,000; it is now 8,500, where it is 21,000; now it is 22,500, where you have 29,000; it is now 30,500 cedis, up to 52,000 which is 55,000 cedis. This is what we have now”, he said.

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