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NPP would be ejected from power, come next elections- Rawlings

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NPP would be ejected from power, come next elections- Rawlings
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The former President and the founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings, has hinted that the ruling government would be ejected out of power in the next general elections.

He said his assertions were based on the fact that the ruling party has not only been using money to corrupt the fiber of the society as well as destroying the sanctity of the right of choice, but inculcated indiscipline into society.

He alleged that, “The government is surviving by corrupting the moral fiber of society because if they do not corrupt it, society would reject them; and society is going to reject them,” he said.

Former President Rawlings expressed concern over how dignified individuals of the nation get corrupted and intoxicated when they get political power. He called for moves to end that social canker, which he said was not good for the building of the nation.

Revealing that about 87 per cent of dignified Ghanaian citizens get intoxicated when they get power, he said, “When the leadership is corrupt, it transcends to the subordinates, which is not helpful for nation-building, but unfortunately, this is where we find ourselves today.” he said.

The former President made this observation last week when family members of the late former Minister of Rural Development under the Busia administration, and former co-chairman of the NDC as well as Ghana's Ambassador to La Cote D'Ivoire, Hon. Kwadwo A. A. Munufie, paid him a visit to officially inform him about his burial scheduled for this weekend.

Paying a glowing tribute to the former ambassador, Mr. Rawlings described the deceased as a man of integrity, honest and a dedicated man who has left a legacy of ensuring less friction among people.

He admonished members to continue to uphold the principles and values of the late statesman for the interest of the nation, pointing out that the nation would be well governed if personalities like Munufie were to rule.

To him, the nation heads for more trouble when corrupt individuals are allowed to rule the nation.

According to him, the late Munufie would not have joined the (P)NDC if he had not seen a party of solid integrity, adding that in spite of harassment and intimidation by the current administration, the deceased continued to uphold his stand of unifying people, and spoke without any bitterness until the Good Lord called him.

Urging the masses and the family members to emulate the character and the conduct of the late ambassador, the former president said it was unfortunate that after the P(NDC) regimes had struggled to bring the nation to its present state, current officials were milking the nation dry.

Turning his attention to the NDC members, the founder urged all and sundry to be present at the funeral of the late Munufie, to give him a befitting burial.

He regretted that the NDC as a party, could not offer the late party leader the needed recommendation and appreciation for his role in the nation, and added, “But God knows best.”

Mr. Rawlings would be away for a conference during the burial and expressed regret that he would not be present for the important event. He prevailed upon the NDC family to show their loyalty to Munufie as he goes home on Saturday.

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