20.07.2006 General News

NIB Provides Water For Kulmasa Area

By Ghanaian Times
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The National Investment Bank Limited has made available ¢81 million for the drilling and construction of a borehole for the Kulmasa village and its surrounding villages.

The support, which is to relive Kulmasa and its surrounding villages of their long water treks and reduce waterborne diseases, forms part of the Bank's Corporate Social responsibility programme, said a statement issued in Accra, on Monday.

The Bank donates one per cent of its profit after Tax annually for corporate social responsibility and also support activities for the welfare and maintenance of the socially disadvantaged.

The statement said apart from the donation for the borehole project, the Bank had also given ¢20 million to the Ghana National Trust Fund for onward disbursement to deprived communities and individuals.

“Aid has also been given towards the eradication of malaria in the Abokobi district where the bank has recently opened a branch, nearby Adenta,” it said.

“The donations, totaling ¢138 million are spread across all regions in Ghana and are to be used for social upliftment purposes such as improving education, helping the Ghana police service and contributing to the Abuakwa Disaster Fund”, it stressed.

The statement indicated that “these donations augments National Investment Bank's objectives of ensuring that development is sustained in all parts and level of the Ghanaian community.”

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