20.07.2006 General News

Don't Dilute Message

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THE Principal of the Evangelical Presbyterian (EP) Seminary, Peki in the South Dayi District, Reverend (Dr) S.S. Agidi has admonished Christians not to compromise on dilute and lousy messages from their pastors because that is what they want to hear.

"Those who are supposed to proclaim the Word of God without fear or favour have become bedfellows with the powers that be", he lamented.

Rev. Agidi gave the admonition at the Commissioning service for 120 trained teachers of the E.P. Training College at the weekend at Ho.

He pointed out that some pastors had exchanged their call, spiritual and Ecclesiastical authority for wealth, money, and cheap popularity and that it was time for those pastors to leave worldly things and proclaim the authentic Word of God even "if it means suffering, rejection and dying as others have done before us".

"Moral and spiritual life is at its lowest ebb despite the numerous churches in the country, and we must be bold to sacrifice our talent, knowledge, wealth, time and our dear life for development of communities", he said.

Rev. Agidi stressed on the need for prophetic ministry of churches to improve moral and spiritual development of the society through more emphasis on powerful, moving, non-compromising prophetic messages and repentance of churches.

He told the trained teachers that "quality education must be seen as service to humanity, humility, obedience, selflessness, sacrificial living which must be able to liberate rather than oppressing and amassing of wealth".

Togbega Gaabusu VI, President of the Volta Region House of Chiefs, asked heads of educational institutions to liaise with communities to accelerate development through education.

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