19.07.2006 Social News

Families Of Ghanaian Soldiers Concerned About Relatives In Lebanon

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Families of Ghanaian soldiers on a United Nations (UN) peace keeping mission in Lebanon are expressing serious concerns and anxiety, following deteriorating conditions in that country.

This comes in the wake of eight days of heavy bombardment of targets in Lebanon by Israeli troops in an attempt to free three of their soldiers who have been captured by Hezbollah.

Relatives of some Ghanaian soldiers in Lebanon who spoke to CITI NEWS say they are disturbed and living in a state of fear, especially as no word has so far got to them about whether or not their loved ones are safe.

On Monday, the UN Interim Force in Lebanon [UNIFIL] said in a statement that two of its positions were hit by direct rounds from the Israelis on Sunday and that 15 other posts had near misses.

The statement said two soldiers were severely wounded in the attacks.

As hostilities between Israeli forces and Lebanese radical group, Hezbollah intensifies, thousands more foreigners have continued to flee Lebanon.

On Tuesday, the UN announced that its non-essential staff would join the exodus.

Meanwhile, the Ghana army has maintained that it has no business calling for the withdrawal of its 500 troops from the frontline.

Col. E.M.K. Nibo, Director of Public Affairs of the Ghana Army in an interview with CITI NEWS said that since the troops are under a UN mandate, the Ghanaian soldiers, like their counterparts from other countries can only be withdrawn at the UN's behest.

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