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05.07.2020 Feature Article

Beware of the Mutinous NPP Members at Kumawu-Bodomase

Beware of the Mutinous NPP Members at Kumawu-Bodomase
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I have become aware of OTEC FM interview of some disgruntled Kumawu-Bodomase NPP members who amid threatening, are revolting against Philip Atta Basoah (Hon), the Member of Parliament for Kumawu Constituency. The audios on the interview are trending on WhatsApp and other social media at the speed of lightning, spreading like the deadly novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

Joy FM, on the other hand, gave live media coverage of the mutinous members of the NPP, when they had gathered to air their grievances. One Isaac Kodua Marfo in the audio is established to be their spokesperson.

Much as I share their concern, I beg to differ on some of the wild allegations they are making in their desperation to get the NPP National Executive Council remove Philip Basoah from contesting the impending 2020 general elections on the ticket of NPP. To be frank with them, it is too late for any leader within the NPP to get rid of Philip Basoah. Again, it is just exaggeration, if not total irresponsibleness, on the part of Isaac Kodua Marfo and his mutineers, to claim that Philip Basoah pays the one hundred and eighty or one hundred and eighty-four delegates that voted for him a monthly salary. Also, how can he be putting up houses for some of them? Where does he get the money from to do that?

Yes, there is some alleged never abating misunderstanding between the District Chief Executive, Samuel Addai Agyekum, and Philip Basoah, the MP. Samuel Addai Agyekum is such a liar that I had on numerous occasions published articles to alert the citizens of Sekyere Kumawu District to the dangers of his lies. He is most often on Kesseben FM and television telling lies about the developments Kumawu district has benefited from the NPP government. I had many a time arranged for someone in Kumawu to crosscheck his assertions to development projects Sekyere Kumawu district has chalked under the current NPP government. They mostly turn out to be false.

It is more of the duty of the DCE to ensure the district is developed than the MP's, according to their functions. Without gainsaying, the MP can lobby for projects for his constituency but has he not got his hands tied behind his back by the amount of lies told by the DCE as stated above? If anything at all, the mutineers must hold the DCE to account.

I hope the mutineers will rescind their decision but seek to get the MP around the table to discuss their worries and concerns with him.

Threatening to vote skirt and blouse will come to hurt whoever does that in the long run. Don't be pushed by those who bribed some delegates to vote for them but lost and have subsequently sought to cause division within the party by their demand for the removal of Philip Basoah through mutinous threats.

I know that no-one is married to any particular party. Anyone's vote is his or hers to exercise as he or she sees fit. Nevertheless, make responsible judgments in order not to regret of your decision later.

How I hope you could channel your efforts to fighting for justice for Kumawuman in the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy dispute, the vital key to unlock the doors of development for Kumawuman.

All those who have been sabotaging Philip Basoah from day one, those from Kumawu palace and elsewhere, must be ashamed of themselves.

I shall advise the aggrieved NPP members to seek dialogue with the MP and the DCE, settle their differences, get them to work together to bring development to the district and the constituency. They should not allow themselves to be manipulated by whomever.

I hope both the DCE and the MP will sit up to do the right things and desist from any animosity towards one another if any such thing does exist between them.

By this publication, could the NPP government please go and help Kumawuman for their unadulterated loyalty to the party over the years?

Rockson Adofo

Sunday, 5 July 2020

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