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02.07.2020 Feature Article

The Legendary Sir John Of Ghana Politics - Wisdom And Heroism

The Legendary Sir John Of Ghana Politics - Wisdom And Heroism
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In the Fourth Republic of Ghana, at the height of Goka's zeal to rising to a pilgrim's pride United Kingdom, two combatant clans battled each other in their quests to be enshrined in the next palace archives as the Messiah that led and built a prophesied Paradise status for the Goka people.

These rival clans were the conservative bourgeois Osono Clan and the populist liberal Kyiniyɛ Clan.

Per the rule of the game, the two clans had agreed not to cross a redline of exchanging fisticuffs, though it occasionally happened and led to bloodletting and casualties; but for vitriolic verbal attacks, it was not a no-go-area for these star-crossed combatants.

From the crowned to the clowns of each court of these clans, they never met, but a serious war of words ensued on what ordinarily could not cause a fight between two cooperating families who have a common aspiration for the common people they profess fighting to serve.

The Osono Clan, as seen in the bourgeoisie of old, they never lacked anything in wealth and learned men to lead their battlefront. Even if it came to men with horny shoulders that would throw unabatedly blows at their opponents, they had well-fed and trained youths whom they deployed when the Kyiniyɛ Clan brought onto the streets their seeming malnourished truncheon and machete wielders bent on causing instability in any serious business concerning the kingdom's building process.

On the other hand, the Kyiniyɛ Clan, with their austere liberalism, non of the people they hired had that tastes for graces in decor and elegant appearances. Left with them, if they led Goka to the promised land, the people would dress and look like their bland non-seductive communist socialist veranda boys and girls.

One major silver bullet they had in their arsenal that endeared many a youth and adult alike to their camp was this son of a palmwine tapper who was brought to the battlefront from his apprenticeship in the tapping business. He was called Ntomtom, same as mosquito in English. Indeed, Ntomtom had the body stature and painful bites as do the nocturnal insect who is a major carrier of the deadly malaria. If Ntomtom unleashes his acerbic verbal venom on the Osono Clan, they sought cover, and none was ready to respond to his rantings and be dragged in the muddy waters of tongue - lashes in ridiculing and irksome name-calling.

As it's in the case of every protagonist should meet his antagonist, either in a civilised world or that of the anarchists brutes, Ntomtom met his match in Kookooase Kurasini (KK, for short). If Ntomtom was brought up tapping wine, KK came from the village where they farmed cocoa. But one plus of KK was that, though he can't strip off the villager life of hurling insults at others, the modus operandi for Ntomtom's famousness, KK was a trained legal luminary from the Court of the English Candace, and affectionately responded to a beguiling colonial knighthood of a Sir, Sir John.

KK spake impeccably the Twi language of the Goka people and the international language of the English's. In all those two languages, he met tooth for tooth and nail for nail when Ntomtom was brought on the Kyiniyɛ camp of the polarised kingdom to spew his corrosive venoms into the troubled ears of the faithfuls of the Osono Clan. One cannot behold, but wisdom and heroism at play in the mouths of two ungentlemanly warriors.

For this their showmanship, the two were made scribes to steer the affairs of their clans, and the airwaves was sure to be soothed constantly by the plumes of smoke from their nostrils. Instead to smoke the ideal peace pipes, theirs was vice, vile and venom from a rolled banned substance, or, apparently, useful, shouldn't-be-banned substance.

At one decider combat, Ntomtom led his charges to drub the Osono Clan. A victory KK's side claimed the Kyiniyɛ Clan achieved true foul means, and they resorted to seek redress from the sages who wore dead whiteman's hair and were officially called Lord Judges.

The Lord Judges never turned the victory of the Kyiniyɛ Clan, irking KK to turn his verbal diarrhoea on the sages, calling them unprintable names, least being: "the head of the Lord Judges blinks like a doll in a shop".

KK was called to answer to his disrespectful words against the honourable seats of the sages. He was nearly incarcerated to serve terms behind bars if he never got an amount charged to buy his freedom.

Out of the blue, Ntomtom who apparently never saw eye to eye with KK plucked a cash comparable to that of a hair pulled from the nostrils of a man, that freed his foe, as even some core members of the Osono Clan predicted doom for their summoned scribe, and were never ready to spend their hard earned wealth on a "loose-talker" to free him from the stranglehold of the sages' law.

Right after KK jumped out of the box as a free man, he resorted to seeking peace with the Kyiniyɛ Clan, claiming that alone would achieve the dream of the desired united kingdom. If for nothing at all, he's been taught what brotherliness is by his sworn enemy in Ntomtom.

Indeed, there are warpreneurs whose wealth hinges on the feud that would ensue between two families. Either they sold deadly weapons to the fighters, or cash in under the guise of healing the wounded at the battlefront.

Those haters of peaceful living saw it that KK's dreams never saw the light of the day.

Adding to his misery, KK coined a political phrase of: "Fear Delegates" when the electoral college of Osono Clan assured him, but deceptively, of their support if he should stand for reelection as their scribe. He lost abysmally his contest to represent his clan in their next battle.

Forlorn and disappointed, KK lost his affection for the Kingdom's building battle, and he recoiled to his father's cocoa farm to till and feed the hungry.

At some point, the Osono Clan led the divided kingdom, but KK's dreams were far from tried and tested. To keep him mute, he was assigned a pay job to care for the foresting of the Kingdom, a work that permanently kept him out of public view and would end his life untimely as the beasts in the bush infected him with a coronavirus Covid-19.

KK died with him his good dreams, on the first day of the seventh month, in the fourth year of Addo Dankwa as the head of the Republic of Ghana, the state that the divided Goka Kigndom paid taxes to.

Today, Ntomtom has draped in black funeral apparel, and only dining on kola-nut, shunning the good companionship of friends and food, to wail as the chief mourner for the sudden demise of KK.

The prophesied Paradise status of the Goka kingdom is still an unfulfilled dream, and this document would be archived to remind constantly those who would love it completing KK's unfinished task. In unity would forever lie strength and progress, so says the ancient seers.

This writeup is dedicated to the memory of Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie (Sir John). The former secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Fare thee well warrior. Rest in perfect peace.

Written by Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord )

The Founder Of One Ghana Movement (#1GhM)

Email: [email protected]

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