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01.07.2020 Feature Article

A Quick Note To Volkswagen Ghana

A Quick Note To Volkswagen Ghana
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Dear Volkswagen Ghana,

Thanks for your quick response. Surprising though it might be to you, Africa will be the first continent in our biosphere, to be powered 100 percent by emission-free, stand-alone off-grid green clean-power, at tariff rates far less than half of today's least expensive tariff rates globally..

Blessed with continent wide low power tariff rates, it follows, a priori, therefore, that Africa will be a huge common continental market for EVs - because Africa's transport sector's players, who are very cost-conscious, and realise the massive bottom-line-benefits of EVs, will buy them in droves: to replace their ancient maintenance-trouble-packed internal combustion-engined fleets.

Do mark that on a wall somewhere - for I happen to be aware of a serendipitous game-changing clean power invention, which will make the world's fossil-fuel-powered power-generating plants obsolete, and save humanity from reaching the climate change tipping-point-of-no-return ( ). Wish you well - and do stay safe. Cool.


Kind regards


Kofi Thompson
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