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01.07.2020 Feature Article

Yet Another Quick Note To Volkswagen Ghana

Yet Another Quick Note To Volkswagen Ghana
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Dear Volkswagen Ghana,

Thanks for sharing. Alas, the uncharitable wil say you are being disingenuous, when you say you are poised to become the e-mobility leader. On my part, I will be charitable, and simply say that your claims are moot.

A majority of the planet Earth's EV enthusiasts, will probably argue that the world's leading EV manufacturers, are Tesla and BYD - and that they aren't asleep for you to overtake them any time soon.

Most discerning and independent-minded green-lifestyle-folk, in Ghana, asked for their opinion about your claims, will probably make the point that you can fact-check for yourselves here: For sure.

But not to worry - this is just the two pesewas of an old fool whose opinions don't count in Ghana, anyway: but who nonetheless intends to run for the presidency in 2024, and win by a landslide. Mark that too, on a wall somewhere, Volkswagen Ghana. Wish you well. Cool.


Kind regards,


Kofi Thompson
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