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Freedom never comes - Part 15

Freedom never comes  - Part 15
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"Look at all our Politicians...they are all so stupid...and wicked!" said Fred Walter opening another lager pouring part of it on the couch table of the moadon crisps by his side. Music was loud, TV was on adding to the noise level that certainly would be another minor point for them, a reason to be kicked out of Kibbutz Ginegar in shortest possible time. "They are all bloody bastards...all of them!" he put his head into the lap of Linda Evans that looked down on him with tender feelings in her eyes.

She knew he was not good for her, rough, not educated, talking anyhow with no sense ready to get into fighting with anyone coming his way. Yet he was very good looking, had his own special charmed hard for her to put into words, just a feeling insider her mind, possibly an imagination of a feeling she wanted to have. It was a mixture of feelings for the rough side of life, for danger of the unknown, for the basic instinct that we all carry in us suppressed and channelled by education of higher standards, but still there to be found in a quiet corner in each and every one of us. And as a woman she founded to feel to be taken, not only touched, feeling raw power of a man instead of well-educated feelings of highly sophisticated people in the shape of a man, she wanted it all, the basics of life, the basics of man and woman. She wanted to be Eve not made by God but by nature, rough to the max. And at the same time Linda Evans felt motherly instinct in her soul that told her never to give up on anyone that goes the other, the very wrong way in life. Surely, she would be able to make him a strong man that could lead others with the power invested in him but not to get into trouble with the law. To be of criminal mind, yes, that was part of Fred Walter´s nature and not ironed out bis his parents education, parents that themselves were hard-working people earning just enough to make it in life but constantly drunken at nights leaving him and his two brothers abandoned. They were just drinking enough to make it the next day back to work and take the money home when the months was ending for a good shopping at Tesco’s loading beer and snaps into the trunk of their rusty small town car, enough to make it through the following month. They had money in their hands only to lose it the next moment by their own decision-making process.

Kevin Hail put his legs on the light brown wooden table to share his point of view: "Be it Labor or Tory, my friends, honestly...," his tongue was heavy, his voice low, he had difficulties to concentrate on what he wanted to say, breaking up his thoughts always, "...they is beer on the table! Was it"

"You cannot drink beer...from the glass...without dropping it anywhere?" laughed Seth Wooly his head off. "When you drink the whole world...make sure you do not spill most of good advice for best, best friend." He got up from the floor he was laying on all the time as his back was constantly hurting him, walked over to Kevin hail, stood behind his seat, and gave him a close Hugh. "Be my friend...for always!"

"You are drunken!" tried Kevin Hail to free himself out of the arms of his friend. "I do not like to be hugged by someone that has no sense...not his senses...I mean someone that has not all his...shit!" he had to find his way to the sink of the pantry that was located in a side corner separated from the rest of the room by a small diversion.

"That guy is seriously having a problem...yes, a problem...and that problem is serious...a serious problem my friend...," was Seth Wooly saying seeing into the pale face of Kevin Hail after he had lost some food in the sink of the pantry smelling of half-digested food all over.

Kevin Hail sat down on his chair and lambasted: "All these bastards of Labor and Tory and the rest of the political gang...they do not understand what people really want. When I see in my neighborhood...oh, that Lager over there, that one...."

Linda Evans pushed the bottle he had pointed to over to him to put a smile on Kevin Hail´s face. He took the bottle into his hands, stared at it, was trying to read the labelling but his eyes and senses failed him and said with arms stretched out: "I embrace this lager...and I give a toast to all people with say...up...with normal senses that all these stupid bastards that are Labor or Tory...they all should...up, somethings seems to be wrong with me, I cannot see, ups...anyway....these stupid bastards do allow foreigners of all colours, especially these Africans, to come to us illegally and take our jobs. And our ladies and make them pregnant so they...up, ups, I am feeling a bit dizzy...I cannot see straight...not so clear let's continue...I mean they are not good, ups...what is wrong with me...something is seriously wrong with me."

Linda Evans got up, took the bottled beer out of Kevin Hail`s hand and poured the rest into the sink, when coming back she said into his face: “You are only drunken!"

Kevin Hail went into the offence and started to shout on her: "I am you hear me...." He tried to get up by himself but failed. "I am not...not...not at all drunken."

"Yes, you are!" responded Linda Evans that was the only person in the room not having taken any alcohol only freshly squeezed orange juice. She saw that Fred Walter finally woke up from his nap, realized the situation from far, tried to make sense of what was unfolding around him, felt his girl-friend might face a dangerous situation, pulled himself up and faced Kevin Hail straight into his face: "When you do any stupid thing to my mindful, as you will deal with me very well."

"Oh boss," Kevin Hail bowed down to him knowing by far he would be stronger than himself easily capable to break his arms out of rage, "I would never ever...for sure...never ever do anything stupid against your queen...I mean after all she is all our queen and untouchable."

"Good to hear!" was Fred Walter satisfied and closed his eyes again.

Linda Evans put his head again into her lap and looked at him with motherly looks. It would only take few more months, not even years to make him the kind of man she wanted to have by her side, was she always telling herself. Linda Evans was convinced, one beautiful Sunday morning he would wake up all of a sudden, stop drinking too much beer and snaps, walk out through the door of their beautiful little house with a big garden, dogs and cats around, children ready dressed and fed for school and be a loving and caring father. She only had to hang in that believe and take all her energy to fight for him and make him a better person. He opened his eyes, but his eyes could not see clearly. His body was full of beer, his blood running around all his organs and his brains to make him not understand and not see. She looked into his bleary eyes that was like a curtain of fog to give him dimming lights of reality around him only. His body was smelling of beer and sweat for her the challenge to even work harder on him. He closed his eyes again starting few moments later to snore in her lap.

"Yeah, my man...look at all these Ghanaians in our country, far too many!" complained Seth Wolly finishing the crisps, salted flavour. He remembered somewhere was pineapple juice from Pure Heaven made in UK. "I always laugh my head off," was he looking at the pack of juice, "they even sell this bloody stuff in Ghana...I mean how crazy is that...can it get any worse than that?" He looked at the labelling of the TetraPac and laughed and laughed. "In Ghana their grow pineapple, than send the concentrate here to us, we put it into a carton container, stick our labelling onto it, add mineral water and send it back to Ghana...and they drink that blood wicked is that?"

Kevin Hail got hold of his senses again and added his standpoint to the discussion: "My brother, this world is wicked down to the bones. The chocolate we are eating is made from cocoa beans from Ghana and when we turn it into a chocolate we send it back all the way to Ghana for them to see it in their supermarkets...but most of these people there have not enough money to buy what we have no problems for to enjoy in our big, big overweight bellies. I am telling you; people are wicked!"

Linda Evans raised her voice and concern: "If this nonsense would stop, Ghanaians would never come to us in their numbers as in that country is no civil war and you can insult the president and their politicians without losing your life or getting torched. I mean what a country is that that allows this to happen to its own people. Instead of taking independence seriously and the responsibility that comes with it, they behave anyhow. They fight, they steal, have no sense, no vision for a great future...simply a big mess they have put themselves into and allow others like from our own country to mess them up...only as normal, we simple people at the end of the value chain have to suffer in the end when these people come all the way from their nicely hot country with palms and gold everywhere to us here into the rain and cold of England. I am sure most of them would rather prefer to stay in Ghana and not London in the rain. But as money and jobs are rare in their own country they march here and take our jobs away. I mean that cannot be true and we should better raise up against our own government to stop sending precious tax payers money there which we need more and most as we have no natural resources in abundance like they down there are blessed with...but have no sense to make good use of it. We should not allow this stupid wicked game people at the top play with them and us here allow to continue. The organizations of the `good people` should better form an association and demand together with one voice only to help when political and social changes are undertaken in theses African countries otherwise to tell their governments to stay away from them."

"You are of good heart," applauded Kevin Hail, got up and put himself into the center of the room, “but a good heart always comes with a mind that cannot see clear...I, ups...sorry I must stand more firm not shaking to the sides but look straight and talk straight." He laughed his head off once more knowing the eyes of his friends were on him. "You must see with clear mind and open eyes the wicked game politicians on both sides are playing with their people, their countries and...and take actions, words are not enough and too many already used and shouted out into the winds that are tired to hear but not to see. The White Man is happy to share part of his great profit he makes of a poor Africa with Africans to make them survive but not walk on water as they should and could...and their leaders are wicked and selfish enough to enjoy the money that comes with the wicked mind of the White Man for their own good...all of them as no one should be so naive to believe anything they say in public...they all cheat on their nations and steal their future from them."

"You are right!" agreed Seth Wolly and hugged his friend. "I mean how often did the White Man think he can control Africa and keep the people there under his feet? For far too long... I am telling you the truth. And how often did the White Man try to limit the numbers of Blacks in Africa by birth control not understanding that in the end a missing social system will force also young ladies finally into pregnancy and give birth to many more children that live a happy life for long thanks to improved medical care." He paused for a few moments to see whether all people around him were on board to understand his important message: "The time is close that this thinking of the White Man finally will not pay off and his miscalculation will be clearly exposed by the overpopulation in and of Africa coming with less income from natural resources and food prices raising due to climate change matters...not to mention water will be traded like, in the end the White Man will be faced with his own misery caused by a wicked mind...but the problem will be there and needs a new thinking to be solved for good and the benefit of all. We have to give up something so that in the end we can gain more and protect ourselves from being destroyed as a society. Closing or opening borders will not be the answer, that is what we must realize...hopefully not too late."

Linda Evans put the head of Fred Walter to the side, very gently, very attentive, got u, walked over to Seth Wooly, took him into her arms and hugged him tightly: "You speak the it will be and so we have to act now. I honor your great thoughts and concern for what is about to come. You are truly a great loving person. I give you all the respect that I have for these beautiful and true words. The world one day will understand!"

Seth Woooly started to cry on her shoulders: "We all must stand united in this fight for a more just and better world!"

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