28.06.2020 Feature Article

EC Vindication of Compiling a New Voter Roll Exposes the Lies and Educated-illiteracy of John Dramani Mahama

EC Vindication of Compiling a New Voter Roll Exposes the Lies and Educated-illiteracy of John Dramani Mahama
LISTEN JUN 28, 2020

The first phase of the battle has been won. The Electoral Commission (EC) has floored former President John Dramani Mahama and his NDC and their agents and assigns at the battle of the Supreme Court over the acceptance or non-acceptance of the current voter card as eligible proof of one’s Ghanaian identity. This reminds me of the historic battle of Nsamank3.

From the onset, I had argued in my publications against the acceptance of the current voter card as one’s proof of Ghanaian identity. Many a holder of the voter card obtained them by the presentation of NHIS card for registration onto the voter register. However, the NHIS card was issued to anyone found in Ghana without discrimination as to whether they were Ghanaians, legal immigrants or illegal immigrants.

The second phase of the battle is the peaceful and successful registration of eligible Ghanaian electorates. Now that we know who Ghanaians are as stipulated in Article 42 of the Ghana 1992 Constitution without any ifs or buts, the second phase of the battle will start in earnest on Tuesday, 30 June 2020, God willing.

The first phase of the battle came to prove many Ghanaian University lecturers, politicians and journalists as complete educated-illiterates. They have acquired formal education, can read and write but they lack critical thinking and cannot apply their knowledge for the common good of their country and people but selfishly wickedly. No wonder that they could not understand let alone, interpret Article 42 in terms of the EC’s resolute determination to compile a new voter register.

Fellow Ghanaians, please watch the following two videos to see why former President John Dramani Mahama and his bunch of incompetent educated-illiterates, avaricious power-drunk entities, were tirelessly, but stupidly beating the war drums. They had always arranged non-Ghanaians from the neighbouring countries to flock into Ghana to vote for NDC at general elections. Video recordings are acceptable as credible evidence in any court of competent jurisdiction. Videos don’t lie but Mahama and NDC and their agents do!

Additionally, Mr Mahama confesses to lying to people to have them persuaded in order for him as a politician, to get what he wants from them. Is this a credible person to vote for to become the president of Ghana for a second time? Are all the promises he is giving to you not complete lies? Oh Ghanaians, come on! Get off the chain of ignorance you so love to tie around your neck.

Mahama knows who a Ghanaian is yet, he was all along fooling you to accept strangers for Ghanaians all to satisfy his insatiable quest for political power and you have been following him. No wonder that some of our white contemporaries see Ghanaians and black people as fools that they can disrespect as and when they like.

Mahama is unfit to rule Ghana again. I shall hit the campaign ground to ensure he does not come back to rule Ghana. I cannot stand his many lies told and his demonstrations of uncivilized bravado all because he wants to come back to rule Ghana. I shall use the truth as my only effective weapon to fight him and NDC so they must get ready.

Fellow Ghanaians, please read my publications to know the truth. Don’t fall for the NDC’s shenanigans. Don’t be scared by the threats from the NDC. Surely, they will be defeated in the final war on 7 December 2020 as the battle has always been the Lord’s.

Shame on John Mahama and the NDC and all their educated-illiterates including Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor, Kwame A-Plus et al.

Stay tuned for more explosive publications.

Rockson Adofo

Sunday, 28 June 2020

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