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28.06.2020 General News

Bombisco Multimedia recognizes citizens’ contributions to dev’t

Bombisco Multimedia recognizes citizens’ contributions to dev’t
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There are times that people of a community forget what it takes to be a community; times when people who grew up and were brought up in a certain society after achieving success refuse to look back and even be associated with that society and times when we think we are superior because of our successes and therefore tend to look down on the less privileged.

What we fail to realize is the fact that every state of being in this world is a test for us. Being poor is a test and being successful is also a test and it is what we do in these conditions that defines our real sense of humanity.

Today we look in our communities and see a lot of wealthy people who have confined themselves to their luxurious homes while their community suffers. They build walls with expensive materials around their houses and decorate their houses while their surroundings deteriorate.

Just like the adage goes, “In every family, there is a black sheep”, so are there disreputable individuals in every group of persons.

Normally we let the bad actions of the majority overshadow the good actions of the minority. Looking in our communities there are men of high and low positions and women of high esteem and honour doing their fair bit to help their respective communities develop. Just like Coretta Scott King once said, “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members”. Thus, the actions and inactions of each individual contribute to the overall greatness and overall development of the community.

As a result of this fact, we, at Bombisco Multimedia, have decided to publish this book to let it be known to Ghanaians and the world as a whole, some of the great works people are doing to elevate the standard of living in their various communities and societies. These are people who are striving hard to secure a better life for anybody they can help; people who are selfless and are pacesetters for others and people who inspire others to take up the good works and pass it on.


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