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Supreme Court Ruling On New Voter Register; A Political Verdict And Wake-Up Call For The NDC

By NDC Proforum – USA
Supreme Court Ruling On New Voter Register; A Political Verdict And Wake-Up Call For The NDC
LISTEN JUN 27, 2020

The NDC Proforum-USA is disappointed in Ghana’s Supreme Court in the ambiguous ruling that emboldens the EC to compile a new register without the use of the birth certificate and voters ID card by prospective voters as one of the proofs of identification. We see the vague judgment as a ‘political verdict’ with an underlining caveat that ‘you don’t bite the hand that feeds you’.

However, we are entreating the rank and file of the NDC to see the ruling as a wake-up call irrespective of its interpretations. ‘Akatamansonians’ should mobilize and support each other, especially at borders towns, to register and help #KickOutNana come December 7th.

We must acknowledge that the NPP believes that most of the NDC support base are foreigners who come through the borders; and they have been reminding us consistently about this for years now. If we could recall the Abu Ramadan case, the contention was that foreigners from especially Togo, and Ivory Coast who were allegedly given NHIS cards were going to vote for the NDC. When then Vice-Presidential candidate Dr. Bawumia did his infamous presentation, he branded Ghanaians in the Volta Region as strangers in their homeland; and they have not shifted from that bigoted agenda even when there is no apparent evidence to their claim. To further their agenda, the NPP kicked out Madam Charlotte Osei who supervised the 2016 polls and brought in their poodle Jean Mensa to do their bidding.

What this ruling means is that the Akufo-Addo government will disenfranchise many who are Ghanaians by virtue of their cultural heritage, marriage, or even by natural rights; but through trading activities or family life commute to and fro Ghana and neighboring countries.

The NDC Proforum-USA picked up information that the military will be deployed to strip these supposed categories of Ghanaians their citizenship and rights to vote from now to election day. This is a grand scheme to reduce the voter turn-out from the border strong-holds of the NDC. They call it the ‘Agenda 40%’ which means the NPP must by every means necessary, frustrate the NDC to have not more than 40% of popular votes cast in the upcoming 2020 presidential elections. To achieve this, they are deleting names or truncating the electoral register to exclude as much NDC voters as possible.

Now, it is up to the NDC to make that decision whether to allow such machinations from the NPP. It is time for Ghanaians to stand up for our rights and what we believe in. We should make it clear and loud enough that one set of Ghanaians cannot decide who is a Ghanaian and who is fit to run our cherished homeland. Ghana belongs to all of us and we should take our destiny into our own hands say, ‘enough is enough!’.

The NDC Proforum-USA is forever committed to our all-inclusive social democratic principles and enjoins all Ghanaians to stand against the Akufo-Addo plot to disenfranchise Ghanaians. We encourage every NDC member to take his/her destiny into their own hands and not feel less of a Ghanaian to ward off threats and intimidation from a select tribe and group of persons who are robbing Ghanaians off a piece of what is supposed to be a national cake.

To #KickOutNana and his greedy cronies begins with voter registration; please follow the prescribed COVID-19 prevention protocols and endure to help our flagbearer John Mahama to get the votes and salvage this dear nation of ours.

Ghana bless our homeland Ghana.


Arnold Appiah


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