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Freedom never comes - Part 12

Freedom never comes  - Part 12
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"When you do not know the rules of life, its terms, and conditions, you are simply lost, my friend. Each society and belief have its own truth...and you better study which one makes your life a misery or grace, a true blessing." Heinz Wohlfarth proclaimed with confidence. "My mother always used to say, allow a human to choose a pet, watch that person which one he goes for and you will know his character." George Fähnrich turned around and his eyes asked the question what his words would mean. "going for a cat means independent mind and tolerance, for a dog, means the shape and character of the master reflects in the shape and character of the dog and for a bird a human with the wish to fly above all problems into the endlessness of time and space."

"Time and space are never endless," corrected George Fähnrich. "We live in the limitations of our life. Our mind can imagine, can dream, can receive messages from above when we believe and have a sense of understanding of things beyond our human mind. But all we are is limited. Our mind is capable to stretch true...but boundaries are there always...and forever. I mean human thinking and acting are the products of the opposite, of the extreme."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean, without darkness and light, sweet and sour, good and bad we cannot function, we cannot think...maybe we even cannot exist for that matter. I think we would simply be an empty shell, an empty cover...a human body just there useless lying on the ground. Basically, dust and ashes with blood...if you get my point!"

Heinz Wohlfarth looked into the distance up to the dark horizon. From far he was hearing waste bins carried to the streets making loud metal sounds: "Animals and plants never produce any waste material which nature would not embrace...but we humans are dumping things into nature and consume it to extinction."

George Fähnrich looked at him with open eyes: "I never knew you would come to such a great conclusion. The human as such is not a problem, even their numbers are not that of a problem, the only problem I basically can see is the mindset of humans, their decision making. If only they would use their God-given senses to improve their situation and bring out the best instead of running around history to do stupid things, this world would certainly be a paradise of the highest standard."

"Paradise?" asked Heinz Wohlfarth and turned to his friend that was listening to the sound of the metal waste bins pushed from the canteen to the street for next day`s collection. "I fear paradise!"

"Fear paradise? What for?" was George Fähnrich astonished to hear turning round to look Heinz Wohlfarth into his eyes. His mother appeared before his eyes the time she had called him years back whether he had wanted a cat named Moritz, long legs, tiger style striped in black and grey with white color under his chin making him look like a royal in his own rights. "Paradise is freedom in its best way...nothing to fear, only to be there and eat and drink, have sex with no regrets and innocence in the fear that?"

"No progress!"

"No progress?" was George Fähnrich wondering and saw his mother handing over Moritz to him so clear before his eyes as if she would be still alive. He was so happy that moment to have someone to care for, a cat that would be with him for years one day to be buried behind the house he once was a tenant in. At nights Moritz always came to him while in bed ready to fall asleep, laid by his side for ten good minutes before leaving him alone to find a place for himself somewhere in the apartment.

"Adam and Eve, naked as there were, innocent as they were, only one command, one rule, one restriction not to eat from the forbidden fruit....lived a life not completely free as there was this restriction and a restriction only is in place when someone can choose between alternatives, good or bad. right or wrong. These two people were made, not born...even not born like Jesus Christ was born by human flesh, his mother Maria. No, they were simply made by the hands of God and put into the Garden of Eden...think of that. Their bodies were their physical restrictions, their outer limits. Inside their had no assignment given except to rule over the world and be fruitful and multiply. They were not given special assignments like to become an artist, a politician, a doctor, or an inventor to create jobs for others and become very rich via such intervention. No, they simply got instructions and a moral guidance...not to eat that forbidden apple...that´s all. Yet they were not able even to obey such simple moral guidance to be kicked out from the Garden of Eden never to return back to the Tree of Life and to see their two sons in a big fight entrenched in jealousy over each other´s character and achievements. In all religion of this world at all times this element of moral guidance is very present and central. Instructions given of what and what not to do are based on moral guidance. Yet, for us humans to follow moral guidance is so hard to do not only because most of them at times we have difficulties to understand and see the meaningfulness for our well-being and peaceful spiritual life, but in it we can see that the tendency in us is very much present today wishing to go back to the place we once were kicked out from and enjoy life the innocent way, not knowing about life´s matters, just to be in the presence of the world."

Heinz Wohlfarth was most impressed by the words and ideas of a man few years younger than himself, yet talking like an old wise man sitting on his rocking chair at the veranda at a warm late evening with his grandchildren playing on the floor before him. "You mean all our struggles, our hopes and fights, are only a demonstration to God to tell him on gigantic banners `We want back to paradise`?"

"Ashes to ashes...dust to dust," answered George Fähnrich and got up, stretched his body that was tired to sit. He was ready to leave the place and ready for bed. While walking by his side, he told Heinz Wohlfarth. "Life is a circle, nothing new on earth. What the world will see is already in us today. It only needs time to come out as life is by try and error, simple as that. Our future is not a mystery, only a reality our mind and eyes cannot see as we still live a life in the present. We can imagine what will come, but it is only an imagination, never the truth. The truth is hidden in us. Only few gifted people that have no voice in the open can unveil the truth in us and see what is about to happen on society level."

"We are hamsters in the wheel?" asked and commented Heinz Wohlfarth while listening to the second half of the report from the village near Izmir in Turkey.

"So, in this village," stopped George Föhnrich for a few moments, "the people were not exposed to the wide, wide world, the variety of sins, of creativity, of human exploration into the unknown."

" mean not known...yet," interrupted Heinz Wohlfarth.

George fähnrich looked at his friend and said: "Sure...unknown means not known so far...but already around the corner to be known." He smiled before he started laughing. "Anyway, in that village people married mostly in close family settings, not necessarily their cousins or so, but people they knew, or their parents knew very well. Some of them even married because of their parents wish and command. They feared if they do not obey what their parents are telling them they would be seen and treated like outcasts, send away form a place that gave them peace and security financially, socially and least in their mind. In reality what I have observed, they bow down to tradition that has a firm grip on them even more so that moral guidance. These traditions, when you look at the bottom of the matter, do not come from any religious belief but are mostly handmade, or I better say human made. One day someone had the idea for a tradition, a loud strong voice to make others believe to follow his own rules and adopt them as common practice for all to follow. To break the chain of unfit restrictions is hard for most people to do...even it is in all of us to set ourselves free from oppression when we understand our situation and pull out the strength in us to break the chains for our very own good and following generations."

"No longer to be the hamster in the wheel?" mentioned Heinz Wohlfarth before reaching his home a few steps away from his friends own place.

"I assume...the hamster in the wheel will be in us for...ashes to ashes, dust to dust," did George Fähnrich wishing his friend a good-night and a blessed next day.

Moshe Shalom lifted three rows of stacked apple containers onto the truck that was about to head for Haifa Port. He was in a hurry. The ship to leave for Amsterdam was to be loaded completely in a few hours’ time. A big discounter had ordered them few months ago and he had to ensure they would reach Holland in perfect conditions. This year’s harvest was great, apples red and green with the right sugar level, well balanced between sweetness and sour tasting. The harvest of Kiwis was not bringing in as much revenues as expected. A committee inaugurated by Kibbutznicks were having meetings after meetings yet no answer what needs to be done better to turn the tables for next season harvest. They came up with the idea possibly to consult and bring in an Expert from New Zealand that could possibly solve their challenges.

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