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Gary Al-Smith Recovers From COVID-19...As He Sends Touching Love Message To Wife

Gary Al-Smith Recovers From COVID-19...As He Sends Touching Love Message To Wife
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Seasoned Sports Journalist with Multimedia Group Limited, Gary Al-Smith has penned a heartfelt love message to his wife, Kafui Sefakor after recovering from the vile COVID-19 contagion that has become a global canker.

It is remembered that management of the Multimedia Group Limited noted in a signed communiqué about two weeks ago that at least five staffs of the firm tested positive of coronavirus.

And, barely, two weeks of treatment after contracting the deadly disease, Gary, the father of one who has fully recovered from the coronavirus, hence exhibited a sign of appreciation to his lovely partner for the support during the worst time he spent at the COVID-19 Isolation Center at the University of Ghana Medical Center.

In an open letter on his official Facebook page, following his discharged, Gary Al-Smith wrote;

“To my wife, Kaf. As shy as I am brash, As quite as I am loud, And as watchful as I am flippant.

As observant as I am keen, And as loyal as we need. I couldn't add this note to the rest of the thank you no.

Yours is even more important than the Vice President's how-are-you? Yes. Because after all the fans, Because after all the rants, You, Mrs. Al-Smith, You stay.

Just as you've stayed, alone, with our child these last 10 days – the most trying 10 days of our young marriage. Always letting our child know that daddy was away for 10 days. But that daddy will be back. May God keep you. May God remember your sacrifice. May God reward our children) in ways you cannot imagine, for your sake. May you never, ever know loneliness. Because I pledge to be there for you because you've been there for me.”

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