26.06.2020 Religion

President JOY Prays For The Church In Ghana

President JOY Prays For The Church In Ghana
LISTEN JUN 26, 2020

Oh Lord Jesus, may You give wisdom to Your Church, that her ear shall hear Your voice distinctly and her eye of understanding shall be enlightened so she acts in obedience to Your dictates. May Your Church never be waxed in the wine (Is 28:6-7) of Partisan Politics but as Your servant declaring Your Mind to the Government and the nation of whatever challenges confronting us as a people. So that Your Church does Not err with Intoxicating drink of Corruption but will have the power to turn back the battle raging at the gates of 2020 elections of our nation.

May Your Church divorces herself from the spirits of the times (mammon worship) , that she may never be a WIDOW in the next generation of Your people.

May Your servants who are closer to the government and power of our nation should not boast of their closeness to power nor bring the Cross of Christ Jesus under the feet of Politicians but shall boldly lift the Cross high so You can draw the government and the nation to Yourself.

May you forgive us that because of the spirit of mammon worship we continually deny You Jesus, Your rightful position and Your Church becoming like a tasteless salt (Matt 5:13) in Ghana.

You oh Lord, cannot complete Your redemption act in Ghana without firstly redeeming Your Church. May your Mercy and Grace redeem your Church. May you continue to endow Your Church with courage and wisdom as they begin to lift up voices of their redemption so the Church takes her rightful Prophetic Position in Ghana.

As Your own Arm battles to bring salvation to Yourself. Because Your Arc of Covenant in the land of Philistines (mammon worship) because Eli allows Your Name to be profaned (1Sam 4,5,6). May You have mercy and save Your Church from destruction. But grant Your Church the grace to humble herself from mammon worship that You may heal our land Ghana.

But Your called out servants understand whether we live or die, we are of Christ. But we will live for the purpose of Your will and serve as channels of salvation. This we pray in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen

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