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24.06.2020 General News

Covid-19: Consider Self-Protection A Civic Responsibility — NCCE

Covid-19: Consider Self-Protection A Civic Responsibility — NCCE
LISTEN JUN 24, 2020

Mr Oral-Robert Amenyo, Deputy Volta Regional Director of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), has urged Ghanaians to consider the adherence to Coronavirus prevention guidelines a civic responsibility.

“Protecting ourselves from the Coronavirus should be considered a civic responsibility. Love for our nation must drive us to protect ourselves,” he said.

The Deputy Regional Director said the pandemic remained a threat to national progress, therefore the public needed to attach a sense of patriotism to efforts at keeping safe from the virus.

Mr Amenyo who was speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview, said despite closed borders and other preventive measures, the community-spreading rate of the virus had skyrocketed, and had made protocols towards flattening the curve non-optional.

He said despite the efforts of law enforcement agencies, it was still becoming difficult to enforce compliance, and said Local Assemblies must draw strength from Government's determination to fight the virus, and act upon their bylaws in support.

He said NCCE, with support from the Presidency, was engaging communities in the Region, by appealing to the consciences of the people to take the virus seriously, so it did not wreak havoc on their livelihoods.

Mr Kenneth Kponor, Regional Director of the Commission, told the GNA that the Region received two Public Address equipped Sports Utility Vehicles from the Presidency for a three-month sensitization campaign.

He said the vehicles were making the rounds in the various districts, sending the Coronavirus education to hard to reach areas.

Mr Kponor said the support enabled the Commission to take advantage of properly organized gatherings to engage the public, in addition to the use of established community communication channels.

“We are very grateful to Government for the support and we hope to put the facilities to maximum use,” he said, and assured that compliance was set to improve with the change of attitude.


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