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Lifeline Walk in Yokes and Chains begins on July 22 this year

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Lifeline Expedition, a Christian non governmental organization dedicated to educating people about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade with Christian response will begin a walk on July 22, this year aimed at bringing people from Africa, America and Europe together to promote reconciliation.

The walk dubbed "Lifeline Walk in Yokes and Chains" will begin in Accra from James Fort to the Christianborg Castle and continue in other cities and towns involved in activities of the slave trade.

A statement signed by David Pott, Leader and Founder of Lifeline Expedition said people participating in the walk would work, pray and walk together to promote reconciliation in the context of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, which had left a legacy of adverse effect on society.

He said Lifeline intended to bring an apology for the slave trade and to raise funds for projects in Africa and the Caribbean while encouraging trade justice.

The organization would also educate, inform and challenge issues of slavery, racism and reconciliation through schools, civic receptions and the media.

"Ghana, Togo and Benin are of course most important nations as far as slave trade and its legacy is concerned and there is nowhere in Africa with such a diverse range of historical slavery related sites. The heart of the system is located here as it was the central region along the West African coast where substantial numbers of African were taken captives," Mr Pott said.

He said the walk, which would be in replica, yokes and chains would also be held in Togo and Benin as a symbolic sign of penitence for sins of their forefathers in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

The walk would raise awareness of slavery and racism and be a beginning of a pilgrimage towards healing hope and peace.

"The legacy of slavery is still much in evidence in terms if the ongoing poverty in Africa. I am thankful that in spite of centuries of European oppression, Africa is not bowed down and contributes so richly in our world today. We pray that we will be able to make our contributions in bringing healing and reconciliation."

Lifeline walk in yokes and chains would also take place from Assin Manso to Elmina, Cape-Coast, Winneba and Senya Bereku and Tema.

The Lifeline Expedition walk is a series of reconciliation journey which started in England in 2000, since then, the journey had taken place in France, Spain, Portugal, the United States and the Caribbeans.

The journey which will end in England in 2007 for the 200th anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave trade always have Africans in Africa and those in the Diaspora as well as Europeans and Americans journeying together as a sign of reconciliation.

Mr Pott called on Ghanaians to join the walk.

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