23.06.2020 Poem

Carnival Of Looters

By Macdonald Ohakpugwu
Carnival Of Looters
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When the looters came

They declared 'Lockdown'

To keep us indoors

As they feed us with tales...


Covid19 is real!

Deadly as well

But that in my neighborhood

Is the carnival of looters...


No remedy, they say

Wash your hands, wear your facemasks

Let's wait for vaccine

Yet it continued, who cares!


Virus! Hushed the scientist

Holocaust! 'Preachers' laments

Pandemic! Hooted the media

Yet looters continue their carnival...


Talks upon talks

Donations after donations

Conferences upon conferences

Yet the economy crawl to recession...


From ten to thousand, their stickers count

Death rate counts

Poor sufferer, poverty begets

Yet looters rank in millions...


What a carnival? 

No salary! No food! 

Citizens are dying of hunger 

Enough! Stop this riddle...


©McDonald Gambo Ohakpugwu

 (Bleeding ink 9ja)

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