06.07.2006 Disaster

Male-in-Laws Share Beautiful Wife

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A 45-year old resident of Tema, Kojo Amandze thought he was acting as a concerned member of his family when he requested that his sister's children be brought to stay with him.

His request came at a time when the sister, who was having marital problems with her husband, Emmanuel Arhinful packed bag and baggage out of her marital home, leaving her three kids behind.

With his children staying with their uncle, Amandze, Arhinful started visiting Amandze's house more often under the guise of seeing to his children's welfare.

But unknown to Amandze, Arhinful was allegedly having sexual affair with his (Amandze's) wife.

This illicit sexual affair allegedly continued until one day when Amandze caught his brother-in-law having sex with his wife.

As if to add salt to injury, Arhinful instead of apologising to his brother-in-law for "doing it" to his wife, rather took offence and alledgedly attacked Amandze with a cutlass, inflicting severe wounds on him.

For that act, Arhinful has been apprehended and arraigned before a Tema Circuit Court, charged with causing harm. He was remanded in custody to reappear at a later date.

Information available indicates that after sending his children to stay with his brother-in-law, Arhinful allegedly started making love to Amandze's wife until sometime in January this year, when one of Amandze's children reportedly caught the two lovebirds and told his father who in turn confronted them. It is also alleged that the two started dating even before the children moved to Amandze's house.

It is further learnt that Arhinful's wife left her matrimonial home because she got to know that the husband was having an affair with her brother's wife.

Although Arhinful admitted inflicting wounds on his brother-in-law, he stated that he did it in self-defence, alleging it was Amandze who brought the cutlass to attack him. He also allegedly told Police investigators that though he had sexual relations with the woman, he never knew she was the wife of his brother-in-law.

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