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Let's Do Away With Partisan Manifestos In Ghana's Politics

Let's Do Away With Partisan Manifestos In Ghana's Politics
LISTEN JUN 18, 2020

Politics in its simplest form is the management of the affairs of a nation for the wellbeing of its citizens.

Partisan politics, on the other hand, is, allowing different political parties to compete for the management of the affairs of a nation. It can also be described as a system of governance whereby, one political party is entrusted with the management of the affairs of a nation.

Ever since partisan politics was introduced in Ghana's politics, it has become very clear that anytime a political party presents its manifestos to Ghanaians, it knows very well that it cannot fulfil many of its promises within its four ( 4 ) year term of office.

In order to prevent Ghanaian voters from completely losing faith and confidence in all those who are actively involved in Ghana's politics, let's do away with partisan manifestos and develop a pragmatic, factual and sustainable National Development Plan to accelerate Ghana's socio-economic development.

The said plan can be developed by collating all the developmental needs of the district, municipal and metropolitan assemblies. The collated developmental needs should be given to Parliament to prioritize them.

The prioritized National Development Plan should then be given to the Executive Arm of Government for execution.

The execution of every project should be given a timeline and the needed funds, in order to make sure that any project that we start comes to a fruitful completion, and with all due respect not abandoned as if nobody is interested in the rapid socio-economic development of Ghana.

In view of the sorrowful situation whereby we allow state projects to rot away because of partisan politics, Parliament should as a matter of urgency, make a law to make sure that any project started by a previous ruling government is continued by the next ruling government without fail, so as to stop the wasting of state resources for nothing.

Any ruling government that refuses to abide by the said law should be made to resign before it enters its fourth year in office.

Is it not a pity that in spite of the higher education that we have, Ghana does not have a pragmatic, factual and sustainable national development plan that guides all of us in building Ghana our Mother Land?

What is the use of our higher education if we all look on for state vehicles, equipment, infrastructures or projects to rot away?

Let's all do everything possible to do away with the unpatriotic behaviour of looking on for state resources to be wasted away for nothing.

By Rev. Fr. James Ignatius Yaw Amponsah

( [email protected] )

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