17.06.2020 Press Release

Country Rep Ghana For One Africa Youth Conference calls on theYouth of Africa to Join the Global fight against Covid

By Rhoda W. Amadu
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In the last few months, our dear Continent Africa and the entire world has been in a mare's nest following the serendipitous emergence of the COVID-19 Pandemic, which has claimed lots of lives, leaving families, governments and even the robust of economies with devastating repercussions of its effects.

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the Pandemic. Ultimately I strongly believe solidarity and connection in these times will help us heal grow stronger together through this as always has been the true spirit of Africa.

Acting together for the greater good is paramount now more than ever.

In light of this, it is exigent that we do all we can not just to survive but to ensure that it remains a long-lasting lesson and an impetus for us to continue to harness the true spirit of solidarity hereafter.

Unequivocally, I want to asseverate that there is a wealth of potential in the African youth. Let us not give up but rise to the call of optimism with Africa at heart and with unwavering aspirations to make Her Great.

This Pandemic has presented a unique opportunity for us to strengthen our antennae of Pan Africanism.I hereby entreat the youth to join the fight in every way that we can while we continue to Hope and Pray to see the end of this Global Menace.

God Bless Africa! Long Live Ghana!

Rhoda W. Amadu

Country Representative, Ghana

One Africa Youth Conference'20

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