03.07.2006 General News

SPY’DI Are NAR 06 Champions

By Mirror
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The Congolese group, SPY'DI has won the 2006 Nescafe African Revelation (NAR) contest with their song titled, 'Ne T'en Vas Pas', literally translated in English as 'Don't go'.

Ghana's representatives, TRAFFIC were not disgraced; they came third while Nigeria's ONEENS group came second.

The grand event, which took place at Bamako's Modibo Keita Stadium on Wednesday, June 21 was attended by tens of thousands of people across, Mail and other neighbouring countries.

The crowd enjoyed stand stand-up performances from seasoned musicians like Ticken Jah Fakoly, Les Go, our own Wutah and yes, the immediate ambassadors, Praye, were there to hand over their mantle.

The Ghanaian delegates competed with eight other groups from West Africa. The groups included ELDJI & SAMS'K from Burkina Faso, GENIES MAGICIENS of Cote D'Ivoire, Congo's SPYI'DI and FALABA's Troupe representing the host country, Mali.

The rest were UNION FORCE from Cameroon, ONEENS from Niger, SOUKOURATE of Senegal and Gabon's NUVEL'S KADRON.

As NAR tradition demanded, all groups composed a song for NESCAFE and were performed in Acappella, which has now been coined as the Nescapella.

Then came their own competing songs also written and composed by themselves.

The competing groups were made up of very bright and promising stars in Africa, as it was evident that all were potential winners considering the passionate presentation of the tracks they performed. The marks awarded by the judges were on grounds of voice quality, rhythm, lyrics and stage coordination.

Nescafe has been very contributive to music in Ghana and part of Africa through its NAR, which aims at rewarding and bringing to light some of Africa's young talented aspiring musicians.

So far, the event has been successful in producing quality talents in all the participating African countries. Ghanaians can testify to this by the quality of music they enjoyed from groups like Praye and Wutah who were all products of the Nescafe Africa Revelations.

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