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Worst yet to happen to NDC Kofi Asante warns

By The Statesman
Worst yet to happen to NDC Kofi Asante warns
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In a timely propaganda chess move intended to depict how prepared the Democratic Freedom Party is in developing strategies for the 2008 presidential and parliamentary elections, members of its leadership yesterday launched the party's colours at the International Press Center in Accra.

And, they did so by directing a strong warning, not at the ruling party, but their former party, the National Democratic Congress. “The worst,” they told the NDC, “was yet to come.”

The reason was simple. That, the new party is expecting more defections from the NDC and a huge swelling of the DFP ranks in the coming days and into the 2008 elections.

The news comes amid sustained propaganda from the NDC that the DFP challenge is dying out even before the party is launched, with NDC defectors apparently trooping “back home.”

The colours of the party were as distinct as the difference between the Ghanaian Lens and the Crystal Clear Lens, or the Daily Guide and Crusading Guide, some time back. Red, white, violet and green with a white star as the symbol. But, the clear difference between the DFP and NDC that the DFP wants Ghanaians to see is in the party's motto: Service in Freedom. A party where leaders are not decided by the horse whip but by free electoral choice.

“We are every bit prepared for the 2008 elections…we are actively on the ground and the surprise will be showing…we will not be intimidated in anyway by anybody or group of people from any party. The DFP is on the war-path and nothing will stop us,” leader after leader stated, as they field questions from the heavy corps of media people present at the function.

The DFP's colours, carefully designed, yet clearly with a touch of propaganda, and which looked very much like that of the NDC, drew questions from unusually prominent media persons attending the ceremony, prompting fiery and outspoken energy expert Kofi Asante to issue a veiled warning to the NDC that, if they believe they hold the key to propaganda warfare in Ghana, :they should expect worse from the DFP.”

The energy expert, who was among the first breed of early defectors from the NDC in 2003, was responding to a question posed by a reporter, who asked whether there was “anything worse the DFP was going to do” to weaken the NDC or any other party in terms of defections to place the party in a firm position towards making the desired impact in the 2008 elections.

The DFP, the former Amenfi West Mp pointed out, was engaged in decent campaign, and will therefore not be party to the divisive politics doing the rounds by the divisive power blocs in the country.

For now, he told reporters, “we are embarking on a membership drive, using a promoters' council we have set up to coordinate activities of our foot soldiers actively on the ground to cause surprise in 2008.”

Defending the party's choice of colours, clearly intended to confuse the uniformed voter, the DFP explained that Ghanaians are wise and discerning enough to distinguish one colour to distinguish one colour from another, insisting that nobody has a monopoly over colours.

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