14.06.2020 Feature Article

Coronavirus: The Universal Silent Teacher That Flocks All Humanity In One Big Classroom

...Speaking The Same Language
Coronavirus: The Universal Silent Teacher That Flocks All Humanity In One Big Classroom
LISTEN JUN 14, 2020

To understand the instructions of this silent teacher, you need not speak Chinese, Hebrew, English, French, Dutch, or any human language for that matter. All you need is the name of the teacher, Coronavirus.

A few years ago, if there was such a name like Coronavirus, maybe that knowledge is confined to lab workers and health experts. Now we all know this one name. No matter where you run to keep away, hiding from Coronavirus gets harder by the passage of time.

With no respect to any boundary, here is a virus that emerged with sweeping powers, knocking on tightly closed doors of most and least privileged in the wider social divide by no lesser ways than the rest of us.

In this big classroom where the relentless universal teacher Coronavirus teaches one language for all to hear, everyone takes notes they better understand. Key learning points obtained through the exchange of notes reveal some striking 10 lessons to continue learning from.

  1. The belief about how we differ in our physiological composition as humans is now confirmed as an artificial fabric of our least sophisticated minds. Humans, like other mammals, have more in common than what our misled minds condition us to believe.

  1. This wider universe is not by the creation of humans. We enter and exit without any appointment. It just happened that you are here today with no assurance what tomorrow holds.

  1. Human knowledge is far less than most of us project in the blurred vision of our perception. Everyone has limited knowledge, no matter how high you advance in your career pursuits. What you may not know is far more than the bulky information in your limited possession.

  1. Gifts of nature we all take for granted cost fortunes once under control of those able to capture, package, market, and trade on. Take the example of land and space. As free gifts to all in this wider universe, we pay more for limited use once controlled by others. Rent, travel, and other non-food commodities are included in this count.

  1. Desire for excess fuelled by greed leads to uneven distribution. Bulk of global wealth generated through wage labour and service enterprises, residing in fewer hands contributes to unhealthy cashflow transmission. Someone argued that if anyone possesses excess, someone else is being dispossessed. Others disagree by claims that their hard work in directing resources keeps them floating while the rest sink down deeper.

  1. Moment for rethinking becomes a compelling felt need. Tested and failed solutions will no longer be suitable.

  1. We are all in the stream of critical learning curve imposed by Coronavirus having to brace up for turbulent and greater challenging times.

  1. While in search for proper fix remedial intervention, the situation presents two problem areas: health threats to human capital and a crippling economic downslope. Sustainable economic recovery is contingent on boosting growth, supported by healthy enterprising human capital combined competences.

  1. Future of business depends on continuous improvement in contactless transactions to optimise commercial gains. Where physical contact cannot be substituted, compromise in numbers becomes inevitable. Given the increasing fear of Coronavirus transmission, social distancing means cut down in numbers. This will bear dwindling impact on the travel industry and entertainment service enterprises. Drop in volumes due to social distancing creates a situation of slow cash or rapid sales with trickling effects.

  1. Many gaps in all sectors require wider search for unified solutions that may not be readily at hand. Lockdown means slow down of economic activity. The world is caught up in a critical time trap. To keep the economy locked down results to a decline in production of goods and services. Opening the economic gateway for operations while Coronavirus still rages on exposes end users and the work force to increased risks of another wave. Keeping people and the economy locked down is another risk that supplies will run out. Speed of progress in both directions remains in slow motion. Hopefully when Coronavirus, this silent teacher retires, lessons learnt will keep the world looking at life from better refined perspective for shared gains.

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