10.06.2020 Feature Article

New Voter Registration Exercise: NDC Must Understand The Fundamental Principle Of Freedom & Liberty

New Voter Registration Exercise: NDC Must Understand The Fundamental Principle Of Freedom & Liberty
LISTEN JUN 10, 2020

So, in the view or standpoint of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the Jean Mensah led Electoral Commission does not respect the views of others by not heeding to their calls for a "No New Voter Register" accompanied by their chanting of war songs and evil prophecies of national doom if the EC goes ahead to organize same, with respect to the new registration of voters ahead of the 2020 general electoral polls.

This, to me, is an erroneous conception and rather a pathetic conclusion of whether or not the EC, either as an institution or persons manning the institution is/are disrespectful and intolerant of other parties' views.

My argument drift a little from their consistent stance of a No New Voter Register vis-à-vis the independence of the EC to the question;

1. Will the EC (either as an institution or persons manning the institution) not be disrespectful and intolerant to the NPP and other well-meaning citizens who are also calling for a new voter register?

2. Why must the EC reject the proposal or calls by the NPP and their supporting Citizens but accept the opposition of the NDC?

As I ponder over the above two questions which look very simple yet delicate to be answered by the NDC and their cohorts on this issue, I find their hullabaloo to be born out of dictatorial commentary and unconstitutional command over an institution they have no command over.

However, it is interesting to note that, the rather saddening Khakistocratic revolutionary era which birthed the NDC is over. The conclusion of the matter then is that, in a democratic dispensation like what we all enjoy today, everyone has the freedom to air their views except that, the party listening to that view is also at liberty or has equal freedom to accept or reject the view(s) so aired.

The inability of the NDC to accept the EC's unmoved dedication to duty, ie. the organizing of a new voter registration exercise is a corresponding effect of their inability to understand this basic principle of liberties and freedoms. Until then, they will keep chanting "let the blood flow". May God give the NDC a positive understanding that produces socio-economic and political productivity.

Reindolf Amankwa

Member, CTI-Middle Belt

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