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10.06.2020 Feature Article

NPP Parliamentary And Presidential Primaries: Core Reasons For The Lifting Of Restrictions

A Move Which Has The Potential To Reignite The Spread Of Covid 19 Virus To Most Parts Of The Country
NPP Parliamentary And Presidential Primaries: Core Reasons For The Lifting Of Restrictions
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It is quite an apparent fact that the paramount motivation behind President Nana Akufo Addo's decision to lift restrictions is basically to give the NPP the needed space and green light to go ahead to conduct their parliamentary and presidential primaries which is now hanging on their necks like an albatross and curse, and not for the purported good of Ghanaians. A critical analysis of the President's stated reasons for lifting the restrictions on public gathering suggest that the supposed science he claims to be acting on is wholly a hoax or a farce. The president has consistently claimed that his decisions on COVID 19 have been based on science but it is quite ironic to note that the supposed science which is supposed to give us a satisfying results rather brought us catastrophic outcomes coupled with utter fear, panic and hardships, ever since the outbreak of the virus started. It is an empirical fact that when scientific processes are followed in carrying a study, the outcome is often known if all things are held constant. Unfortunately, Nana Addo science has been consistently misleading and causing panic. Ever since the outbreak of the virus, all the ten presidential addresses made non has been given with any good news on the spread of the virus. Anytime the president gave an address, we rather see astronomical increases of the figures. Suggesting that in reality, the government has not be on top of the fight against the covid19 pandemic. As far as the figures are concerned, one can boldly and confidently say that the government of the Nana Akufo Addo has failed absolute in terms of measures taken to fight the pandemic. Meanwhile, billions of dollars and CEDI's have been squandered in fighting the covid19…!!! My question is, has there been value money? If the figures initially, or before lockdown was 52 cases, and now the cases are far more than 8000, are we actually fighting the virus? It appears the government has not been truthful with Ghanaians with regards to the realities of the situation.

The lifting of the lockdown of the main cities was not based on any reason. The case counts at the time suggest that there was no improvement at all. The Director of Public Health, Dr Badu Sarkodie made an authoritative statement to the fact that Ghana had reached its peak; meaning we would start experiencing low increases in terms of cases. But fast forward after that statement the case counts has more than tripled. This figures has exposed the lies contained in Dr Badu Sarkodie statement that we had reached peak. And saddly enough, it is this basis that the president says science. If this is science then in deed the astronomical increases should come to us a surprise the whole nation has been misled!

In the last presidential address, the same Dr Badu has come out to say that the fact that some three districts who had covid 19 cases could not record any new cases within a spate of two days despite the increases in other areas, has advised that the president was on course in terms of fighting the virus and that it was getting better. He however made a very categorical statement that the new cases recorded in hitherto covid19 free places suggested that the public were adhering to safety protocols. So if under restrictions on public gathering, people were not adhering to protocols, how much more if we are to live under no restrictions? A common sense tells us that the situation will be worst of living without restrictions!

The question to ask then is, what is the basis upon which the President has been advised to lift restrictions? Is it in the interest of the general public or some hidden parochial interest of a wicked few? Quite clearly, the reason for the lifting of restrictions cannot be presumed to be in the best interest of the people. Following the NPP General Secretary comments on their impending primaries following the aftermath of the lifting of the lockdown, one does not need a prophet nor a soothsayer to pronounce to him or her that the reason behind the President's decision to lift restrictions was to give his own party, the NPP, the green light to go ahead to organize and conduct their Parliamentary and Presidential primaries which have deluded them by civid19 pandemic. It is also intended to give the Electoral Commission and NIA the opportunity to execute their diabolically orchestrated Nicodemus agenda to carry out the new register in order to disenfranchise majority of Ghanaians in the coming December elections.

The npp has been eluded by the pandemic in a sense that the pandemic and it's accompanied restrictions had disorganized, aborted and thrown out of gear all plans and programs put in place to carry out their primaries which was scheduled to take place last April. The NPP is caught up by circumstances beyond human comprehension and control! The covid19 restrictions had outlawed public and made it a crime punishable by law. The npp has found itself between the red see and devil! And the only choice they can make in order to get away with their primaries is to sacrifice the lives of Ghanaians by forcing President Nana Akufo Addo to lift restrictions on social gathering despite worrying increases in the case count of the covid 19 pandemic. The npp careless about what becomes of Ghanaians after they have conducted their primaries! All that matter to them is to hold onto power and perpetuate themselves in power as true Ghanaians of the republic of Ghana.

It is imperative to state that the lack well thought out educational programs to sensitise the general public especially the rural folks into believing that the pandemic it real and it's deadly a disease. We expected that government would have fashioned out educational programs using images of the devastating consequences of the pandemic in China, Europe and the America as point of reference to deter people from thinking that it is not real. Lots of Ghanaians do not observe safety protocols because they are ignorant about the deadly consequence of it. Again, most community, health centers, markets, and public offices are not having the needed PPEs to be used. And instead of government providing these PPEs and ensuring that the safety protocols are observed they are rather busy giving money to EC and NIA execute a needless new register in order to give them he undue advantage in the December 7 elections.

I wish to call on all CSOs, Christian Council of Ghana, National House of Chiefs, National Peace Council and the International Community to as a matter urgency support the public call for government to redirect its efforts, energies and resources towards combating our common enemy, the pandemic corona virus, which is more live threatening and pressing than a mere register that seeks to give somebody an undue advantage in the December 7 elections.

Yentik Gariba

[email protected]

Northeast region

Yentik Gariba
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