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Drugs Increase My Ecstasy---19-Year-Old Ghetto Girl And Addict

By SVTV Africa
Drugs Increase My Ecstasy---19-Year-Old Ghetto Girl And Addict
LISTEN JUN 10, 2020

In a new documentary dubbed 'GHETTO LIFE STORY' by SVTV Africa, 19 year old Sadia Issah also known as Hajia Dangote revealed how she enjoys smoking hard drugs because it increases her ecstasy in life. by Think Ghana Foundation, The documentary has come across about 3 Ghanaians ranging from as young as age 19 to 40 years have shared their plight with being addicted to hard drugs.

The story of Sadia reveals that, after being introduced to drugs by her best friend at the age of 15, she is now addicted to drugs and has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

“My name is Sadia Issah but also known as Critical or Hajia Dangote, I'm 19 years old. I was introduced into the drugs lifestyle by my best friend and I'm glad I heed to the advice. Because whenever I smoke, I feel okay, it makes me happy – it increases my ecstasy.” Sadia said.

Sadia, who is undergoing training to become a hairstylist told SVTV Africa's DJ Nyaami that, she is currently going out two guys, one caters for her needs and the other takes care of her tuition fee at the training center.

The 19 year old who is living with her uncle in Tema noted that, though her uncle and mother has heard of her drug lifestyle, they haven't seen it with their eyes.

“I'm learning hairdressing and I'm left with 3 months to complete. Being the second born of my parents, I decided to find my own way to make ends meet as my parents couldn't provide for all of us. For now I'm staying with my uncle here in Tema.”

“Oh yeah, I'm in a relationship with two different guys, one caters for needs and the other takes care of my tuition fee among others. Oh it's the new norm and they'll never find I'm playing them. I manage them well.” Sadia said.

Cloth with tattoos on her body, wearing a striped pink shirt, with blue pleated hair, and visible white lips, Sadia said though she has tried quitting drugs couple of times, she ends up coming back to it again.

Hajia Dangote however, advised young people not to indulged themselves in this bad lifestyle. She says this lifestyle can addictive and quite difficult to stop.

Sadia called on government to come to their aid as they need to work to take care of themselves and their loved ones to prevent bad acts such as arm robbery, drug abuse among others.

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