27.06.2006 CPP News

Obed Asamoah traces CPP/DFP similarities

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The Founder of the newly formed Democratic Freedom Party (DFP), Dr. Obed Yao Asamoah has declared that his party is set to cause major ripples on Ghana's political scene.

The former Chairman of the NDC recently left the party along with a host of other leading members to form the DFP. Dr. Asamoah likened his actions to that of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah saying that the CPP was formed immediately following Nkrumah's breakaway from the UGCC and it proceeded thence to win the first elections it contested and that his DFP would do the same, public skepticism notwithstanding.

He made these revelations while addressing the Chiefs and People in the Obom Domiabra, Constituency in the Ga West District in a ceremony to welcome fifteen NDC members who have defected to the DFP.

Dr. Asamoah said that his DFP was the revolutionary option for Africans who wish to break out of the enslavement that politicians have forced them into. Dr. Asamoah decried the absence of healthy disagreement in our body politic saying that people tended to agree with the power-brokers in their parties to avoid vilification and that this must stop if Ghana is to progress.

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