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09.06.2020 Opinion

On The Bossy Jean Mensa, Bossman Led EC

By Mr. Kafui Agbeko
On The Bossy Jean Mensa, Bossman Led EC
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Mr. Kafui Agbeko, a former North Dayi Constituency Communications Officer of the opposition NDC has described Madam Jean Mensah and Dr. Asare Bossman led EC as bossy and hypocritical.

The full statement below.

The Electoral Commission of Ghana as an official body responsible for all public elections as guaranteed by the 1992 constitution must protect its integrity in order to build confidence among Ghanaians but is that the case with Jean Mensah and Asare Bossman led EC?

Madam Jean Mensah's appointment and occupancy of the office of the Chairman of the EC did not attract much wagging of the tongue and raised eyebrows even though many felt a bit skeptical and uncomfortable.

Observers' fears at the time were minimized somewhat as they felt she was coming from the stock of Civil Society Organization leaders and a key player in Ghana's electoral systems and processes with her Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) organizing debates for presidential hopefuls of Ghana.

It is now clear the removal of Madam Charlotte Osei from office was because of the new register agenda hatched by President Nana Addo and the NPP.

It is strange upon assumption of office, Madam Jean Mensah and Dr. Asare Bossman are dismantling the structures they solicited respect for in the past.

As a camouflage, they assembled dignified persons of high moral and social standing as Eminent Advisory Committee for advisory or whatever purpose one knows not. Soon afterward, this Eminent Advisory Committee (EAC) constituted and inaugurated by this same EC has abandoned and disregarded it.

It is evident that the boss in the bossy Jean Mensah and Bossman detests hearing advice.

Are they possessed by "Gbeshie" or an uncontrollable spirit? It is obvious the "spirit" must have been induced by the powerful hand pushing them in a blindfolded manner.

IPAC has functioned so well in the past, but in recent times under her bossy leadership, is it no longer a platform for sharing ideas.

Madam Jean Mensah has turned IPAC into an announcing forum.

Their attempt to exclude the current Voter's ID card from their unnecessary compilation of entirely new voters register is just a way of trying to disenfranchise people in the strongholds of the NDC because they are aware the grounds are not good for President Nana Addo.

They kept on shifting the goal post because their argument for such a dubious agenda is not resonating with the citizenry.

It is also very shocking the bossy bosses have not learned lessons from how the partial lockdown was poorly implemented.

The same thing will be happening during their impending needless mass registration which will further spread COVID-19.

The current posture by Madam Jean Mensah is a sign of insensitivity to the plight of Ghanaians.

It is extremely absurd they are not ready to listen to wisdom from the general public on this important subject matter.

Their decision to go ahead with the mass registration is nothing but a means of spreading the COVID-19 pandemic the more.

It is, therefore, necessary for the Bossy Mensah-Bossman led EC to heed to the advice and depart from the stubbornly arrogant intransigent and belligerent attitude.

Jean Mensah should now practice what she preached as the Boss of the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) and Mr. Bossman should practicalize the political science theories and stop displaying hypocrisy.

God help our homeland Ghana.

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