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09.06.2020 Regional News

Avenor Traditional Council Lauds Drilling Of Twenty-One Mechanized Boreholes By "The Sky Is The Limit"

By Japhet Festus Gbede
Avenor Traditional Council Lauds Drilling Of Twenty-One Mechanized Boreholes By
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The paramount chief and the president of Avenor Traditional Council, Togbuigah Dorglo Anumah (VI) has on behalf of the Traditional Council expressed their deepest appreciation to THE SKY IS THE LIMIT foundation, and the International Director of the organization, Mr. Brain Mosko for the drilling of twenty-one (21) mechanized boreholes across the Volta Region of Ghana; twelve (12) of which, the Traditional Council is privileged to have it drilled within their jurisdiction.

Togbuigah Doglo Anumah (IV) again enstooled Mr. Brain Mosko, as Torgbui Agamah Dormenyo(I) and made him a member of Avenor Traditional Council.

This information was communicated to the International Director of the foundation in a letter sighted by

The said water project according to the Traditional Council has greatly improved access to water for a good number of people within the three hundred and fifty (350) communities of the Avenor Traditional Area.

The Traditional Council also highlighted that access to water in most rural communities in Ghana still constitutes a major challenge in our everyday-life and among a considerable number of communities within the area. And seized the opportunity to appeal to the Charitable Organization for more mechanized boreholes to be drilled within the Traditional Area in order to accelerate socio-economic development in the area.


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