25.06.2006 Religion

'Time To Love Genuinely'

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FOUNDER of the International Federation for World Peace Rev. Sun Myung Moon, has said the time has come for all people on earth to lead a life that is completely devoted to true love.

“True love brings about the incorporal order, peace and order happiness that serves the common good. It determines the source, centre and owner of the universe”, he said.

Rev. Moon was delivering a message under the theme “the true owners in establishing the Kingdom of peace and unity in heaven and on earth”, at the third Assembly of the Mongolian People's

Federation of World Peace held in Seoul, Korea last month.

The MPF is a religious organization that works with the Universal Peace Foundation for the welfare and peace of humanity from an inter religious and universal perspective.

Rev. Moon said “the essence of true love is not having others serve one but giving and serving for the sake of others. The value of true love lies in its power, which is strong enough to eradicate the walls of national boundaries, races, and furthermore, of religion, created by fallen human defendants”.

He said the absolute condition necessary to enter the Kingdom of heaven “is a life that has been lived for the sake of others, that is, a life of true love”.

“The people in the world we are currently in are caught in the trap of extreme selfishness, clamouring for material omnipotence. They have lost all sense of values and have fallen into the depth of self-gratification and denigration.

Rev. Moon noted that the world had become a place where “beasts with human faces roam freely even after violating women's rights”.

He said such anti social behaviour had formed the “pinnacle of the destruction of morality and the very last of fallen acts”.

“This world has become hell on earth, where perfection of the world embodying the ideal God envisaged at the creation cannot even be dreamed of”, he added.

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