25.06.2006 Religion

Ahmadis Celebrate Prophet's Life

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THE Ameer and Missionary in charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslims Mission, Ghana, Maulvi A. Wahab Adam has urged muslims to promote peace and harmonious relations with people of other religions.

He said the Holy Prophet, Mohammed whose footsteps muslims follow was a great messenger of peace, whose teachings had always been unity, peace and development.

Maulvi Adam was addressing a forum at the Mission's headquarters in Accra to mark Siiratun-Nabl (the life of the Holy Prophet).

He described the Holy Prophet as one person who had exerted the most positive influence on world civilization.

This is because the material, moral and spiritual transformation that he brought to the world is unparalleled in the history of mankind.

Maulvi Wahab Adam refuted perception by non-muslims that Islam is intolerant of other religions, pointing out that the Prophet himself had affirmed the truth of all the prophets of God and made the belief in and respect for all the founders of religions.

He paid tribute to the Holy Prophet, Mohammed, for his excellent moral qualities that defended the rights of not only humans but that of animals, as well.

There were poem recitals about the Holy Prophet.

Other speakers at the forum included Mr. I. K. Gyasi, a former headmaster of T.I Ahmadiyya Secondary School in Kumasi who spoke on the topic, the Holy Prophet as a king of peace.

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