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06.06.2020 Social Media Trends

Trending Video: Freedom Jacob Caesar Speaks On The Murder Of George Floyd

By Beyonce Diamond Kpogli
Trending Video: Freedom Jacob Caesar Speaks On The Murder Of George Floyd
LISTEN JUN 6, 2020

Today, we are witnessing across the world a revolutionary resurrection sparked by the demise of one Black soul.

The death of George Floyd has awoken the memories of the past brutalities and enslavement against the entire black race worldwide.

The Black race has always been undermined amongst nations, this has got me asking myself, is it a crime to be black, if yes then I am proudly guilty for I am one.

Black lives matters hence, the loss of one soul has become the solution to the global deception that has halted economies, crushed educational systems, and interrupted the lives of all?

This one soul has revealed the real pandemic, an unfolding crisis that our leaders of the world have made it to be.

The death of George Floyd has simply become a cure.

I, Freedom J CEASAR stand here with the spirit of our great ancestors, the likes of Martin Luther, Marcus Garvey, Nelson Mandela, Kwame Nkrumahs and the Mansa Musahs and others great who have fought for our heritage wealth, our civil rights and our freedom

To assure you in these times of trouble,

Africa stands with you,

Africa walks with you

Africa marches with you

You are not alone

I am here, I am committed

I’m focused. I have a continent to build, a nation to save and a culture to revive.


The true value of this moment will not be treasured until it becomes a memory


(Freedom Jacob Caesar)

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